After Announcing His Courtship News, Will Josiah Duggar Be On 'Counting On'?

People can not get enough of the Duggar family. After the family's TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting went off the air in 2015, people have been closely following along with the older Duggar children on their Instagram accounts and through their spin-off series, Counting On. But there are a lot of Duggar children to keep track of, and mot recently, Josiah Duggar entered a courtship. But will that courtship and Josiah Duggar be on Counting On?

Josiah, as previously stated, announced earlier this month that he started a courtship with Lauren Swanson, according to E! News. The couple announced the big news in a video shared to TLC's YouTube channel, where Josiah talked about how his friendship with Swanson progressed to something more. "We've been friends for a while and got to spend a lot of time with each other and I've helped move them to this area," Josiah said. "I spent a lot of time interacting with their family, and spent a lot of time...and just recently said 'their family is really similar to our family and have a lot of the same goals' and that's when I knew I would like to move this more than just a friendship and actually start a courtship."

The news could not be any more exciting for the Duggar family which seems to expand more and more every single year. And it is likely that fans will see their courtship play out for TV cameras when Counting On returns on Feb. 26.

Although There Are A Lot Of Storylines...

In December, TLC officially announced that Counting On would be back for a new season in Spring 2018, after Joseph Duggar's wife, Kendra Caldwell, announced that they're expecting their first child together. Needless to say, there is a lot for the show to cover since the last time it was on air — Josiah's sisters, Joy-Anna and Jinger, and Josiah's sister-in-law all announced that they were expecting their first children this year, and the show will more than likely capture their journeys, too. But in the previous seasons of Counting On, Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, and their respective families also played a huge role. With so many major story lines to follow, something as small as a new courtship could slip into the background.

The show's promotional poster, released by the Duggar family earlier this week, prominently shows Josiah's siblings — Jessa, Joy-Anna, and Jinger — and their partners front and center with Josiah (along with Joseph, Kendra, and Jill) nowhere to be found. Because these three siblings are heavily featured in the show's promotional poster, it could mean that the other siblings won't be featured as much.

...Here's Why You Will Be Seeing Josiah On The Show

The Duggar siblings are so supportive of one another and have been sharing the spotlight for years, ever since 19 Kids and Counting first aired. It isn't like them to leave major milestones, like new courtships, off television. And because Josiah's courtship is such a big deal (and could lead to engagement), it will more than likely be shown on the show.

Another major indicator that Josiah's courtship could be featured on the show? Because a previous courtship of his was shown on their reality show already. In 2015, Josiah began courting family friend Marjorie Jackson, but four months later, according to People, the courtship was called off due to poor timing. If fans got familiar with his last courtship, then they'll more than likely become familiar with his new courtship.

TLC has also been sharing stories about Josiah and Swanson's courtship to the Counting On Facebook page and TLC's YouTube account, so it could be likely that it's getting fans excited for what is to come on this season of Counting On. To top this speculation off, at the end of their courtship announcement video, Swanson states: "We're excited about sharing our journey on Counting On." Boom.

While he might not be as prominently featured as his pregnant sisters, you will definitely see both Josiah and Swanson when Counting On airs next month.

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