Here's Why There's A Good Chance Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson's Wedding Could Be On TV

If you're a fan of Counting On, you know that the show is at its best when something big happens. And in the Duggar family, one of the biggest thing to happen is a wedding. So with only one Duggar wedding currently in the works, fans are probably wondering: Will Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson's wedding be on TV?

The couple has yet to confirm whether or not their nuptials will be filmed for Counting On. But if history repeats itself (and in the Duggar family, it usually does), the young couple's wedding day will likely be on the show. In fact, the multiple Counting On season finales have been weddings, as evident on TLC's website. (Season 3 ended with Jinger's wedding, and Season 7 ended with Joseph's wedding, to name a few.)

Additionally, Josiah and Lauren have shared several elements of their short relationship with fans so far, so it seems likely that they will continue to document their lives together. When they got engaged last month, they appeared in a video for TLC's YouTube channel discussing the proposal. "Lauren and I are so excited to announce that we are engaged. Lauren said yes!" Josiah said in the video.

Additionally, when Josiah and Lauren began courting (the Duggars' ultra-conservative form of dating) in January, they appeared in another video for TLC's YouTube channel. In the video, Josiah introduced fans to Lauren, as she had yet to appear on Counting On. In the video, the couple explained that they had been friends for a while, and that their families were friends as well. Suddenly, Josiah realized that he wanted to take things to the next level with Lauren, and luckily for him, she felt the same way.

Not to mention, it won't be surprising if the couple chooses to broadcast their wedding (and other elements of their relationship) on the show to clear up some rumors. Recently, fans have been speculating that Josiah and Lauren's engagement rules are a bit more lax than other Duggar kids who have been engaged in the past. Fans pointed out an Instagram photo where Lauren's hand rested on Josiah's chest, and another where the couple FaceTimed, seemingly sans-chaperones. (Duggar couples aren't allowed to be alone together until they're married). Additionally, paparazzi shots published by Radar Online purportedly showed the couple hanging out at the National Army Museum without any apparent chaperones. In a few of the shots, they seemed to snuggling up with each other, and in another, Josiah seemed to be lifting Lauren off a tank she had climbed on. (For most couples, that's totally normal behavior. But for a Duggar couple, it's headline news.)

In a typical Duggar engagement, physical contact is limited to side hugs and hand-holding — no full-frontal hugs, smooches, or anything else until marriage, as TLC noted. It will definitely be interesting to see what the couple's relationship is like on-camera, should they let Counting On film their wedding and the events leading up to it.

And as mentioned above, Josiah has chronicled his relationship with Lauren on Instagram, so it would make sense if they continue to share their milestones on Counting On. Most recently, Josiah shared photos from a trip he took to Texas to visit Lauren and her family. Boy, once those Duggars get permission to hold hands, they truly never let go.

Regardless, there are likely still more than four more months between now and Josiah and Lauren tying the knot. The couple's big day will reportedly be Aug. 28, 2018, in Springdale, Arkansas, according to a wedding registry on The Knot under their names. Whether or not they choose to let TLC's cameras into church on their wedding day, it's safe to say Josiah will at least be sharing a few shots on Instagram.

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