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'This Is Us' Found Kate & Toby At A Crossroads

It's been a wonderful thing to see Kate and Toby grow close and become a couple many fans want to root for on This Is Us. However, that doesn't necessarily mean their happily ever after together is set in stone. In fact, after watching Tuesday night's episode "I Call Marriage," I'm worried it all could be falling apart before our very eyes. So will Kate cheat on Toby on This Is Us? The thought certainly seems to be crossing her mind at the moment, especially after that little chat she had with Duke in the exercise room.

That's not to say that I'm furious with Kate or anything. After all, she is human and as a human, she's bound to make mistakes every so often. But Toby is trying so hard and putting so much effort into making her feel loved and appreciated, it would be a very terrible way to reciprocate the favor. If she feels like she needs some time to herself in order to figure things out, that's completely fine and warranted. But tell him about it before you decide to act on an impulse that could really hurt him. Granted, she hasn't done anything yet, so it's possible I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The episode ended with Jack and Rebecca reading their wedding vows to each other while cutting back to what their kids are up to in the present day. And while Kevin and Randall had their own highlighted moments that were cause for both joy and concern (seriously, what's going on with Randall's hand?), Kate seemed to be at a crossroads in regards to the future of her love life.

Duke had yet again made her an offer to come over to his cabin (No. 13) for a little one-on-one time, if you catch my drift. And while she had initially found Duke annoying, she seemed a little tempted by the proposal this time around. This was more even more obvious when she was spotted heading toward Cabin 13 at the end of the hour with her phone in hand, contemplating whether or not to call Toby.

Now, for all I know, this was just a red herring and the next time we see Kate she'll take a turn and head away from Duke's cabin while chatting away with Toby in an attempt to smooth things over. It's definitely possible. But when has This Is Us ever made things easy? This show has a tendency to emotional drain its viewers because we've come to care so much about these characters. So what if she did go to Duke's cabin? What if they end up spending the night together? What will that mean for her future with Toby? Would she tell him? I guess all we can do now is just wait and see how it all plays out.