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Here's What Khloé Kardashian Has Said About Breastfeeding So Far

On Dec. 20, Khloé Kardashian gifted her fans with the best-ever early Christmas present. After pregnancy rumors had been swirling since September, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star finally confirmed that she was, indeed, expecting her first child. Since then, the mom-to-be has opened up about many aspects of pregnancy and impending motherhood. From her pregnancy workouts, body insecurities, the sex of her baby, cravings, and more, Khloé has answered so many of her fans' questions — except when it comes to one particular detail. Will Khloé Kardashian breastfeed? The expecting mom has hinted that she might.

Of course, how parents choose to feed their baby is a highly personal decision. So Khloé is in no way obligated to tackle the subject if she doesn't want to; and so far, it doesn't seem as if she's addressed it head-on. Still, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January, Khloé did mention breastfeeding in passing while on a different subject entirely, People reported. The mom-to-be told Kimmel that her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, had been getting on her nerves with unsolicited parenting advice. “A lot of it is unwanted. I don’t know if it’s the worst, but Kourtney gives a lot of advice," Khloé said. She added:

I think it’s so sweet but I don’t want to do some of that stuff. You can never have a plastic toy, ever! If someone buys blocks, I’m allowed to have blocks! Let me experience things. It’s either her way or no way. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Cosmopolitan reported that Khloé also admitted she and Kourtney had been fighting a lot lately, which is when the expecting mom brought up breastfeeding for the first time. “[Kourtney] got pissed because I wanted to put a TV in the nursery. I haven’t even decorated the nursery yet, the whole thing I wanted was a TV so far," Khloé told Kimmel. "And she [said], ‘I’m the worst person for ever wanting a TV.’" She continued:

And when you’re breastfeeding or whatever, I need a TV. … She thinks she’s better than I because she doesn’t watch TV but I like TV shows.

As a mom who has breastfed three kids so far, I have to agree with Khloé on this one; you can only sit there staring lovingly at your nursing baby for so long before boredom sets in. Plus — especially during those middle-of-the-night feedings — a TV could potentially help an exhausted mama stay awake while breastfeeding. Safe feeding/sleeping is crucial for parents of young infants, as one new mom tragically learned when her baby suffocated after she fell asleep while nursing him in bed, reported Marie Claire.

"No matter how tired you are as a mother, GET UP AND GO TO A CHAIR or somewhere you wont fall asleep when you feed your child at night," mom Kristin Hoffman wrote in June. "My precious son slipped off my breast and into the covers of my bed early Sunday morning and into heaven. The way we discovered him was a tragedy ."

Still, Khloé has yet to confirm whether she's considering breastfeeding her baby girl. However, if she follows in her sisters' footsteps, chances are she might; both Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have breastfed their children. Back in 2011, Kourtney lamented about her clogged milk ducts while on The Today Show.

And in the past, Kim has been open about breastfeeding both North and Saint. Although Kim hasn't confirmed if she's breastfeeding baby Chicago — who was born in January via surrogate — she did post a photo of a breastfeeding pillow that confused many of her fans. (Fun fact: Inducing lactation is totally possible for mothers who didn't physically give birth to their children, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.) Either way, Kim K has valuable experience that could potentially be helpful for Khloé.

If Khloé Kardashian does choose to breastfeed her baby girl, one thing's for sure: she'll have plenty of support and advice from her sisters, if she needs it. Considering Khloé's due date is just around the corner, I have a feeling the answer to the great breastfeeding mystery will be solved very soon.

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