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An Important Member Of The Snicket Family Could Appear In 'ASOUE' Season 3

Warning: Season 2 finale and book spoilers ahead! The mysterious appearance of Allison Williams as an unnamed member of the V.F.D. in "The Carnivorous Carnival: Part 2" was one of a few cliffhangers that ended Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Many viewers may assume that she'll be playing narrator Lemony Snicket's sister Kit, but so far that's unconfirmed. However, finding out if Kit Snicket will be in ASOUE Season 3 might make it easier to confirm just who Williams is portraying.

So far, there hasn't been an official announcement about whether or not Kit Snicket will be showing up in the third season, but that might be because it's practically a guarantee. The Netflix show has been adapting every book in the series in order and generally staying fairly close to the source material, with a few tweaks here or there. The third and final season will presumably adapt the only four books left in the series: The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril, and, fittingly, The End. Kit is in some of those books, so it would make perfect sense that she'd be joining ASOUE in Season 3.

In addition to being the third Snicket sibling, Kit is one of the more helpful members of the V.F.D. But like many characters who have tried to look out for the Baudelaires, she meets a tragic end.

Kit's first appearance is in The Grim Grotto, when she comes across the Baudelaires on Briny Beach and whisks them away in a taxi. She then deposits them at the Hotel Denouement and leaves, but she's back again before the series reaches completion. She has quite a few of her own adventures, which might make up a portion of Season 3 of the show, and ends up being poisoned by a toxic mushroom called Medusoid Mycelium.

There is a cure for Medusoid Mycelium poisoning, but Kit refuses to take it because she's pregnant and it might harm her fetus. She is able to give birth before she dies (with the unexpected aid of Count Olaf), leaving behind a child named Beatrice whom the Baudelaires ultimately take responsibility for. Considering Kit plays such an important part in the last leg of the story, it would be a bigger shock if she wasn't in the third season.

Star Neil Patrick Harris has assured viewers that the Netflix adaptation will be faithful to the books, which feels like another confirmation that no character as major as Kit will be excluded. Harris told TV Guide:

We're three seasons in. We've intentionally been very truthful and factual and loyal to the books. We've added a few characters that aren't in the books, we've added some songs that you probably couldn't put into the books, but for the most part we're sticking to the structure of what already worked.

It seems that while ASOUE has added things that were not in the books from time to time, the show hasn't subtracted very much. Kit's presence is nearly assured even if it's not official yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean Williams is playing her. While there did appear to be certain hints that she was Kit (such as arriving in Jacques' taxi, or Lemony's comment about knowing her well), it's always possible that Williams is playing someone else. She could even be an original character whom the audience has no prior knowledge of.

While Kit might very well be a sure thing in the third season, that knowledge doesn't actually clear up the mystery of Williams' character. The theory that she's playing Kit is definitely plausible, but until more information emerges, it's impossible to say for sure.

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