Fans Are Rooting For Jeremiah & Kortni To Hook Up On 'Floribama Shore'

MTV’s Floribama Shore has no shortage of arguments and drama, but there are some tender moments between cast-mates that can't help but tug at your heart strings. Jeremiah and Kortni have an emotional connection, and they are there for each other during hard times. But sometimes it seems like they could become more than just good friends, especially after their recent emotional exchange. So will Kortni and Jeremiah get together on Floribama Shore? Fans are rooting for a love story.

Neither Jeremiah nor Kortni has revealed any details about their current relationship status on social media or through interviews, so there’s no way of knowing for sure. On the show, they've shared a platonic relationship, calling each other "brother" and "sister," but after watching the last few episodes, it feels like their relationship is changing. During Episode 10, Kortni has an emotional breakdown, and Jeremiah is quick to take her in his arms to console her. He calms Kortni down, and they eventually go to sleep in their side-by-side beds, holding hands in between. This show of affection is giving fans high hopes that the two could become a couple, and many took to Twitter to air their support.

But it’s not just fans that see the chemistry between the two. In Episode 9, Kirk and Gus both discussed Jeremiah and Kortni’s relationship potential. "I feel like Jeremiah has this weird crush on Kortni that he doesn't want anyone to know about," said Kirk. Gus was more practical about his outlook, noting that they are both single and could have fun together. "From my perspective looking in, I do see that Jeremiah looks at Kortni a certain way" Gus said in a confessional. “Really, Jeremiah and Kortni could be a good balance for each other. Opposites do attract."

But despite hope for a romance coming from friends and fans, the two haven’t divulged any clues about a relationship. In fact, just recently, Jeremiah revealed that he moved to Arizona in an Instagram post, which would put him far away from Kortni, who still lives in Florida. He captioned the post with appreciation for his brother Josh, and best friend Gus for being there with him, adding, “Arizona has been an amazing move and experience, but the one thing that makes it amazing is who you’re with.” Kortni doesn't appear to have been a part of his move across the country, which could indicate that they are still just friends.

Furthermore, Jeremiah has been vocal on the show about not wanting to settle down into an official relationship. On Episode 8 of Season 2, Jeremiah brings a date home and tells her that he isn’t looking to get into anything serious. “Right now I do have a set goal of where I want to see myself, and I don’t want to tie myself down right now." A romantic relationship with Kortni might complicate his time on the show and his future goals.

But when you throw a bunch of hot, young 20-somethings together and add booze to the mix, anything can happen. Jeremiah and Kortni have shared a few tender, yet platonic moments with each other, which could easily turn into a makeout session given the right circumstances. But for now, Jeremiah and Kortni’s relationship is still in its “will they or won’t they” phase, so fans will have to keep their fingers crossed and keep watching to get answers.

Floribama Shore airs new episodes every Monday, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.