Bob D'Amico/ABC

Kristina May Not Want To Stick Around 'Paradise' Much Longer

Much like on my other favorite show, Game of Thrones, early departures are fairly common on Bachelor in Paradise, usually when love somehow fails to blossom for one person. Which means that Kristina, who is definitely too good for this show, may be heading home soon depending on whether or not a certain hunk gets his act together. So will Kristina leave Bachelor in Paradise? She's in the middle of a sticky love triangle, so I would not be mad at all if she finally decided to get the heck out of that un-air conditioned heartbreak factory.

On their first day in Paradise, Kristina met Dean, the young dreamboat with a quirky fashion sense and a complicated relationship with his dad (that was sort of uncomfortably exploited on the show). They hit it off immediately and when production stopped and everyone went home for a couple weeks, they kept hanging out. They went on a road trip together to Kristina's hometown in Kentucky. It seemed like these two were heading straight to a Chris Harrison-officiated wedding. And then, they weren't. Back in Paradise Dean told Kristina to feel free to go on dates with other guys, finally saying he wasn't sure where they stood. And then he started hanging out more with Danielle L. And now Kristina is spending a lot of time at the bar with Wells and weeping.

Paradise has already seen the departure of one woman who seemed just a little too good for this silliness. After not making a genuine connection with anyone on the resort, Danielle M. decided to cut her stay short (but not before a genuinely satisfying make-out session with Wells who, as the bartender, is technically ineligible). If Dean keeps bouncing between Kristina and Danielle without being able to make up his mind about her, I can't say I would blame Kristina if she decided to leave early too.

In Dean's defense, he is still really young and on Bachelor in Paradise. People date around in those kinds of situations. However, his wishy-washiness is not getting quite the nice-but-conflicted guy edit that Nick Viall got on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. For this reason, I have a feeling that Dean will not be the next Bachelor.

All I really know is that if Dean wants Kristina to stay (and he definitely should), then he had better make a decision real quick. Because she's not gonna wait around forever. Nor should be be expected to.