Will Kylie Jenner Give Birth On 'KUWTK'? Here's Why It's A Possibility

After keeping quiet for literally her entire pregnancy, Kylie Jenner's surprise Instagram birth announcement earlier this month — and the accompanying 11-minute video in which she revealed her pregnant belly to the world for the first time — naturally dominated the headlines. At this point, we know so much more about Jenner's pregnancy, and about her little girl, Stormi Webster, but there's still one big question left unanswered: will Kylie Jenner give birth on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

The show has already set quite the precedent for capturing the pregnancies — and in some cases, the deliveries — of the Kardashian women (remember when Kourtney pulled out her daughter Penelope with her own two hands?), and according to Us Weekly, we already know that Khloé plans to share her pregnancy journey (or at least some of it) with fans on the family's reality show. But Jenner has remained pretty tight-lipped on the matter, and given the strong desire she obviously felt to stay out of the public eye while she was actually pregnant, it wouldn't be totally surprising if she opted out of sharing Stormi's birth with the world.

When Jenner revealed to the world earlier this month that she had actually given birth to a daughter, she explained her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret from the public, and wrote in an Instagram post that "[her] pregnancy was one [she] chose not to do in front of the world." That seems entirely reasonable, but given that her family's fame and fortune literally originated from their reality show, it does seem like it would be a big departure for Jenner to keep her pregnancy and birth off the show entirely. After all, the Kardashians are pretty well-known to make their birth experiences a family affair (Khloé even told Jimmy Kimmel in January that she was in the room to watch Jenner be born!), and while Kourtney may have been the most open when it comes to sharing her births on television, Kim did allow footage from her labor with North be shown in an episode, according to The Huffington Post (though she kept the delivery itself private).

So what might Jenner do? According to Metro, fans got fired up ahead of the official pregnancy confirmation when it appeared that the KUWTK Wikipedia page was updated to show that the season 14 finale (set to air later this month) was entitled "We're Expecting!" Now that Stormi is officially here, fans are anticipating that the finale will address Jenner's pregnancy — and that, if that's the case, perhaps a birth episode is in the works for next season.

Perhaps the biggest hint we have so far though as to what Jenner will decide is what she's already shared with the world. In her pregnancy video, "To Our Daughter," Jenner actually did share Stormi's birth with fans — sort of. Towards the end of the video, the footage shows the hospital maternity ward, and glimpses of Jenner's hospital room while she's in labor. While Jenner herself isn't shown, her partner, Travis Scott makes an appearance, as does Khloé, Kris Jenner, and Kendall Jenner (via video chat, at least). And although the video doesn't actually show Stormi being born, it does leave in the audio while Jenner pushes — and also includes the infant's first cry as she entered the world.

In other words, well, it's anyone's guess what Jenner might decide. After all, although there were plenty of theories about how and when Jenner might decide to reveal her pregnancy, no one really thought she'd hide it completely until she gave birth, only to share her own private footage from her entire pregnancy on YouTube. And since she has at least shared some birth footage already, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think she might be down to share more with fans on KUWTK. At the same time, Jenner continues to protect her daughter's privacy now that she's here, and besides, even for reality stars who are more than open to share their pregnancies, sharing the actual birth can feel a bit too intrusive. In the end, we'll just have to wait and see, but at this point, it won't feel too surprising either way.

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