‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Larissa Wants To Bring Her Kids To The US

On the last episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Larissa finally told Debbie about her two kids in Brazil. After the initial shock, Debbie was hurt that Larissa and Colt kept this a secret, but as the facts settled in, she grew more suspicious about Larissa’s secretive past and her future plans. Debbie may have asked the question, but fans are equally curious to know, will Larissa bring her kids to the US?

On the show, Larissa admitted that she does plan to bring her children to America, but only under the right circumstances. “My plans are to move to a bigger house,” she tells Debbie. “Because one day, if my children want to live with me, I would like to support them.” In a recent Q&A on her Instagram feed, a follower asked Larissa if and when she’s planning on bringing her kids to the United States. “I do,” she wrote. “As soon as I can drive and take care of myself. Or when they decide to visit, study, etc.”

On her Instagram story, Larissa addressed the episode in which she tells Debbie about her kids, and explained that she’s waiting to resolve her legal entanglements before she makes any decisions about her children. "In the next episode, you will hear about my kids,” she wrote. “My court case is on May 30th, and it is the last thing holding me back from doing what I want to do. I will be free to do everything, and finally 100% free of drama — My kids will only be addressed with my family, my boyfriend, and my closest friends."

E! News reported that Larissa’s May 30 court hearing (she was charged with domestic battery after getting into a fight with Colt) ended with the judge ordering her to serve 48 hours of community service and pay a $345 fine. Her attorney, Adam M. Vander Heyden, told the outlet that her court proceedings went in their favor and that the outcome shouldn't hinder her immigration situation. "Everything went according to plan,” said Heyden. “The judge accepted the negotiations to reduce her case down to a disorderly conduct upon successful completion of her requirements. After consulting with her immigration attorney, this negotiation will not impede her ability to obtain citizenship."

In a recent Instagram post, Larissa took the opportunity to thank her lawyer for all his help. “I would like to thank my attorney, Adam Vander Heyden @dui_doctor for the amazing job he did representing me and protecting my rights,” she captioned the post. “He helped me through this in the most dignified manner — I would like everyone to know that I am very happy and positive about my future!

Now that Larissa’s legal woes are behind her, she may start thinking about bringing her children to the US soon. She’ll probably share her plans with fans when she’s ready, so keep an eye out on her social media pages for updates.

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