Rick Rowell/ABC

Liz's Secret May Come Out On 'The Bachelor'

The premise of The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) is simple: strangers fall in love on TV in a few months. Of course, there have been a few exceptions to the "complete strangers" rule. For one, this season's own Bachelor Nick Viall was friends with Kaitlyn Bristowe before he appeared on her season. Now, ironically, Nick has unexpected history with one of his own contestants, Liz Sandoz. But will Liz tell the other Bachelor contestants that she slept with Nick?

When the Las Vegas-based doula showed up and stepped out of the limo in the season premiere, it was clear that Nick was taken aback and hadn't expected to see his former hook-up there. In fact, during their limited one-on-one time during the cocktail party, he even seemed a bit peeved that she was there. He wondered why she hadn't just contacted him easily after their rendezvous at fellow Bachelor alums Jade Romper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding if she was interested in seeing him again. Liz didn't have much of a chance to defend herself before another contestant swooped in and "borrowed Nick for just a sec," leaving it up in the air as to whether she'd get a rose.

In the end, after much nervous voiceover fretting during the first rose ceremony, Liz did get the very last rose of the night from Nick. Clearly, whatever spark led to their wedding hook-up was strong enough that Nick wanted to see more of her. Given that she's sticking around and will be interacting with the other women on a regular basis, it already seemed unlikely that she'd be keeping her secret to herself. The season's promo confirmed that she'll be confiding in at least one fellow contestant about her secret past with Nick this season.

Liz initially played coy about whether she and Nick had actually had sex when the producers asked her during her confessional. But in the preview video, it's clear that Liz confesses the truth to Christen, who comments in a confessional that she doesn't think the other women suspect anything and then brings the information to Nick herself.

Christen is visibly surprised when Liz privately tells her about the secret hook-up and definitely doesn't sound pleased about the news when she confronts Nick about it. Nick, for his part, looks super stressed out about it. The confrontation is immediately followed by scenes of the various other women crying and voicing shock, suggesting that the truth will trickle out to the rest of them. Then again, this could just be standard editing trickery, with the emotional outbursts being entirely unrelated to the revelation of Liz and Nick's past.

A separate sneak peek found Christen revealing in a confessional that Liz "laid it all out there" about her hook-up with Nick, in a decidedly not family-friendly manner.

Whether the other women find out about the wedding dalliance or it remains known only to Liz, Nick, and Christen, it's clear that "Liz's Secret" is going to be a big storyline this season, so get ready for an extra helping of drama.