Will Loras Die On 'Game Of Thrones'? Margaery Will Protect Him At All Costs

Loras Tyrell and Cersei Lannister will be facing trial for their "crimes" very soon on Game of Thrones, and without a trial by combat to protect them, it seems they'll be facing seven members of the Faith. Needless to say, they'll probably both be found guilty and depending on how the High Sparrow wants to play this, they may very well be sentenced to death. Cersei always has a plan underway and there's no doubt she'll put up a fight before anyone sentences her to death but as for Loras, well he's not really the fighting type. So will Loras die on Game of Thrones at the hands of the Faith or is it possibly he'll be saved?

With Margaery back by Tommen's side and working with the High Sparrow, she now has the High Sparrow's ear. The drawing she gave her grandmother before telling her to leave King's Landing proved Margaery is still with her house but what does she have planned? Whatever it is, there is no doubt she'll protect her brother. She's not going to let the High Sparrow kill Loras, which means Margaery is up to something. It's possible she'll use her influence over Tommen to convince him to be merciful or she may even attempt to turn Tommen against the High Sparrow. Either way, there's no way Margaery will just let her brother die at the hands of the Faith.

It's also possibly that Loras will just confess to his sins and the High Sparrow will give him a lighter sentence. Loras was falling apart when Margaery last saw him, and if it came to begging for forgiveness and confessing his sins or dying, Loras would definitely confess. He doesn't want to die and he definitely doesn't want to be under the control of the High Sparrow anymore. As he told Margaery, he just wants it to end and he'll do and say anything to make that happen.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that and Margaery is able to put a stop to things. If Loras goes down, so does house Tyrell and Margaery won't let that happen.