Luke Tells Kate She's Not His Type On 'Married At First Sight'

Throughout Season 8 of Married at First Sight, Luke and Kate have had a difficult time adjusting to their new partnership. Their ceremony was sweet but awkward, which could have been brushed off as nerves if the discomfort hadn't increased once they were on their own. Now this exclusive clip indicates more trouble brewing between them. So will Luke and Kate break up on Married at First Sight?

They haven't announced a separation or indicated that they're no longer together. But based on this clip, it seems possible; at the very least, they'll have to do a lot of work on their marriage to make make it through a rough patch this early on. Fans can see how their story develops every Tuesday on Lifetime, but this clip could offer some early clues.

It opens with Kate talking directly to the camera in a self-filmed confessional. She explains that she had a talk with Luke the night before about whether or not he was attracted to her — and Luke told her that she wasn't his type. "Like, worse case scenario, this was one of the fears I had going into this," Kate says. "That one of us wouldn't be attracted to each other and now it's happening and I'm just trying to figure out how we can move forward after this. I don't know."

Though Kate is keeping it together, she seems emotional in her confessional. The vibe is more strained when it cuts to her and Luke talking at their hotel. She informs him that this issue was on her mind and that was why she brought it up at dinner. The scene then cuts to the night before, when Kate mentions that Luke has yet to kiss her. "Oh man, you want to talk about that now?" Luke says in response. Yes, Luke. Kate wants to talk about it now.

Which is why she brings it up again the next day. She could sense the tension building between them and she couldn't let it go. Luke, with an unreadable expression on his face, says that their talk was good and he feels much better. But the situation is far from resolved, and it doesn't seem like Kate feels any better about it. Later, she tells him that marrying a stranger was a huge risk, but she feels like she lucked out because she is attracted to him. She thinks it will be harder for Luke because of that, but in my opinion her side seems pretty tough, too.

In an interview segment, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz jumps in to explain why Luke was matched with Kate. They had both been dating the "wrong kind of person" even though they wanted the stability of marriage. She believes that Luke is sabotaging the marriage based on his initial attraction (or lack thereof) to Kate, though Dr. Pepper feels that there is a lot more to the experiment than that. It's not just about the physical side, it's about values and morals, as well as building a life together.

Luke and Kate agree that marriage isn't all about the physical, but another confessional reveals Kate's doubts. She says that she's trying to have hope because she "wanted this marriage more than anything" but she finds it very disheartening that their union could fail because of Luke's lack of interest in her.

The clip concludes before they find a solution to their current dilemma. If Kate and Luke are getting off to such a rocky start, it might make it harder to steer their ship to calmer waters. Anything could happen in the next few weeks but right now Kate and Luke are definitely dealing with some complicated circumstances.