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If Luke S. Isn't On 'Bachelor In Paradise' I'll Eat My Hat

I don't care that The Bachelorette has only been on for a few weeks, I'm ready for Bachelor in Paradise — like now, please. As the most raunchy show of the Bachelor Nation franchise, fans like myself are already counting down the days until the cast list is announced, and with all of Hannah's great men, I can't help but wonder if Luke S. will be on Bachelor in Paradise this season — because he seems like just the type that would excel in that environment.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but Luke S. hasn't been announced as part of the cast of Paradise — yet. There is still plenty of time before the official announcements happen, so if you're rooting for the young political consultant, keep doing your thing. Little information about Season 6 of Paradise has been released, so at this point it's all speculation and fan theories.

Of course, to announce contestants before Hannah's Bachelorette season is over would spoil the ending. The show usually films in June of each summer, and wraps about a month later. After final editing, a premiere date is set. This year, it's Jul. 29 and I cannot wait.

If you're good maybe Chris Harrison will drop a few names during Hannah's live finale show, and maybe Luke S. will be one of them. His ABC bio does say he's a tequila expert which I'm pretty sure is a necessary skill at the resort. Maybe he'd give bartender, Wells Adams, a run for his money.

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TBH, there are a ton of potential men and women from Hannah and Colton's seasons to go to Paradise. A fan favorite, for sure, is Demi Burnett who might be the most lovable villain ever. She could definitely break a few hearts. And while there has been no news about Luke S., Variety reported one contestant that has been announced, and that's "The Box King," Joe Barsano, who was eliminated on the first night. You might remember him from his box entrance during introductions, and then Harrison sweeping up the foam packing popcorn afterwards. If The Box King's narrative sounds familiar, he seems to be trying to pick up where Grocery Store Joe left off.

If you're still calculating which names will make the cut, Adams told Us Weekly, "I think that Demi will probably come across as pretty normal on Paradise and I think someone like … Kirpa [Sudik], who seemed totally normal, might end up being really entertaining there." Paradise brings out a whole other side of people, so these are two solid guesses.

Luke S. has a lot to offer. In case you forgot, he was pretty darn smooth playing trumpet during the pageant portion of Mr. Right, and the dude can rock a cat suit while holding a mouse. I don't know if any of that helps, but I'm just throwing it out there.

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OK, so there isn't a lot to say about who will or won't be on Bachelor in Paradise yet, but that doesn't mean it's the last you'll see of Luke S. if he's eliminated from Hannah's crew. When you look like former Bachelor, Nick Viall and know your tequila, it'd be a shame to just send you home. My theory? If Hannah doesn't give Luke S. a rose, Paradise will.