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Will Mary Drake Kill Hanna On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Hanna Isn't Safe

Mary Drake has been seriously shady since she burst onto the scene on Pretty Little Liars. It's not only that she's the long lost twin of Jessica DiLaurentis who no one knew about, but it's also the people she chooses to associate with. Mary is in cahoots with Dr. Elliot Rollins (if that is his real name), Alison's lying husband. Mary is Charlotte's biological mother and Elliot was in love with Charlotte, so they're both working together to ruin things for Alison. But is it possible one of them was involved in Hanna's kidnapping? Will Mary Drake kill Hanna on Pretty Little Liars?

It's not certain if Mary was a part of the plot to kidnap Hanna; so far it seems like Uber A and Team Charlotte are running two different operations with two different goals. Hanna hasn't actually seen her attacker that we know of; if she has, the audience remains in the dark. Once she escaped from her creepy cell thanks to the help of Dream Spencer, Hanna ran smack dab into Mary – literally. On a lonely stretch of highway in the middle of the woods, Mary practically ran Hanna down with her car. She stopped just in time and the premiere episode ("Tick Tock, Bitches") left them making dramatic eye contact over the hood of Mary's car. Hanna certainly seemed shocked to see Mary, but Mary's face was unreadable.

Hanna's shock could be explained by the fact that Mary looks exactly like the late Jessica DiLaurentis. I'm sure the surprise doesn't wear off no matter how many times one runs into a presumed-dead Rosewood inhabitant. As of right now it seems like them finding each other is a matter of coincidence, and Mary wasn't involved with the kidnapping. It's possible Elliot kidnapped Hanna without Mary's knowledge, which could cause trouble going forward; in the promo for the upcoming episode, "Bedlam," Mary does tell Elliot that he's gone too far.

Also seen in the promo for "Bedlam" is poor Hanna is wrapped up in a blanket in Mary's passenger seat. She doesn't look terrified, but she does look wary. Mary tells Hanna that "sometimes secrets are actually people," which is a message Hanna has probably already figured out by now considering all the identity switcheroos and long lost family members in Rosewood. Hanna may look safe in that thirty-second glimpse, but there's no telling where things will go from there. Fans have no idea where Mary is taking her or what she plans to do with her once she gets there. However, if she did kill Hanna, it would be a real shock – shows never do away with a main character in the very second episode of a new season. That's finale stuff.

It might be positive thinking in the extreme to hope that Mary just takes Hanna home, but Mary's decision either way would reveal something huge. If she keeps Hanna and does something to her, then it proves Mary is A.D.; if she lets Hanna go, then it proves she's probably not. There may not be a lot to go off of, but giving away who A.D. is this early in the season would be far too unlikely. My guess is that Hanna is safe for now – but there's no telling what Mary might do in the future.