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Could Meghan Markle Be Godmother To Kate Middleton & Prince William's Third Child?

Even though it's still months away, the upcoming royal wedding is all anyone can think about right now. But there's other big, royal news to think about as well. With another royal baby on the way, some people may be wondering if Meghan Markle could be chosen as a godmother to Kate Middleton and Prince William's third child. Though Markle and Middleton haven't known each other for long, they are soon to be sister-in-laws. So, who's to say it couldn't happen?

It's actually not that far-fetched of an idea, since Middleton's other two children have multiple godparents, as PopSugar reported. Prince George reportedly has seven godparents, while Princess Charlotte has five. With there being so many godparents in the mix, Markle could certainly be involved as well. A palace insider reportedly told OK! Magazine, according to Hollywood Life, that Middleton and Markle "get along so well already and Kate wants her to know how loved she is by the family." The source also told OK! Magazine that Middleton and Prince William have allegedly already asked Markle to be a godmother to their unborn child, saying, "It’s such a big honor — and Harry was overjoyed by the gesture too!"

Kensington Palace announced on Twitter that Middleton's baby is due in April, just one month before Markle ties the knot with Prince Harry, Middleton's brother-in-law.

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Though Markle is new to the royal family and won't officially be a member until her wedding date on May 19, 2018, E! News detailed everything she and Middleton have in common and how it's likely that they're hitting it off. A source reportedly told E! News, "Kate knows how difficult it is navigating one's way through this very different world. [And] it was important to [Harry] that Meghan and Kate got to know each other, as she has experienced many of the challenges Meghan now faces."

In fact, in an interview with the BBC following their engagement news, Markle gushed about how she's bonded with her future husband's family:

His family has been so welcoming. I have [met several family members] on his mother’s side it’s been really important to me too. The family has been great and in the past year and a half, they’ve made me feel a part of, not just the institution, but of a part of the family.

So clearly, Markle has been making quite the effort to bond with Prince Harry's family and they seem to be getting along just fine. In fact, she reportedly spent Christmas with the royal family and stayed with Middleton and Prince William so that they could be a part of their children's Christmas morning, according to CBS News. They also attended holiday church services together, the outlet reported.

According to TODAY, following Markle's stay with the royal family for the holidays, Prince Harry told BBC Radio 4's Today show that the "family loved having her there," adding:

We had an amazing time staying with my brother and sister-in-law and running around with the kids, it’s the family she’s never had.

And, when it came to "meeting the in-laws", Prince Harry said that Markle really had a good time. Meeting your significant other's family is a big deal as it is, but spending the holidays together can add pressure. What's most interesting, according to People, is that prior to Middleton tying the knot with Prince William, she was reportedly not allowed to be with the royal family for the holidays. So, Markle appears to be an exception to the royal rule. But, it did give Markle an opportunity to bond with Middleton and her little ones.

In Markle and Prince Harry's first joint interview, the couple revealed that they have plans of their own for a family "in the near future", according to Us Weekly. So, maybe they'll be giving Middleton her own godmother duties soon.

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