Will Melisandre Sacrifice Herself To Save Jon Snow On 'Game of Thrones'? It Seems Likely

by Zakiya Jamal

Game of Thrones is finally back! But instead of getting answers, the premiere episode only left us with more questions. It's now 100 percent clear that Jon Snow is dead, but his body hasn't been burned yet so could he still be resurrected? And what was up with that blood stain around Jon? Were those wings? Like a dragon The biggest question fans were left with, though, was everything surrounding Melisandre. She took off her magical necklace and it turns out she's actually pretty old. But, does this mean Melisandre will sacrifice herself to save Jon Snow on Game of Thrones? Why did Melisandre take off her necklace now and then just go to bed? Does this mean she's given up now that both Stannis and Jon are dead?

It's easy to understand her disappointment. Melisandre, at first, believed Stannis would be the warrior of the Lord of Light, or Azor Ahai if you remember the Game of Thrones legend, but she soon realized that wasn't the case. Then, when she discovered Jon was dead, Melisandre stated, "I saw him in the flames," because she had a vision about Jon a while back that suggested maybe he was the savior. But now that Jon's dead too, Melisandre's no longer sure what to believe.

But maybe Melisandre taking off her necklace is more than that. Obviously, the necklace she wears is powerful, whether it has the power to make her live longer or hide her true age. It's possible the necklace could be used to help bring Jon back, but Melisandre would have to give it up to do so. Maybe Melisandre is just resigned to the fact that she'll have to give up her glamor — or maybe her life — so that Jon can be saved.

It might seem like a long shot, but just about anything could happen on Game of Thrones. And for Melisandre who so faithfully believed in the Lord of Light, giving up her life for the savior probably wouldn't seem like much of a sacrifice to her at all. Plus, according to the legend of Azor Ahai, Azor had to kill his wife to create the Lightbringer sword that followers of the Lord of Light (read: Melisandre) believed made him the savior he was. If Jon is in fact the savior reborn then it's possible Melisandre is the sacrifice needed to bring him back.

No matter what happens it's clear the Lord of Light will play a heavy role in this season of Game of Thrones.