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Will Meredith & Will On 'Grey's Anatomy' Date? Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Should Get Together

To say that Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy has been through a lot would be an understatement. She drowned, she had a miscarriage, she was in a plane crash, her best friend moved to the other side of the world, her brain surgeon husband ended up brain dead, and she was almost beaten to death by a patient. At this point I'm not sure Shonda Rhimes actually likes Meredith Grey. Then again, maybe she does, because just when we think Meredith will be forever alone in comes Dr. Will Thorpe on Grey's Anatomy. But should Meredith and Will actually get together on Grey's Anatomy?

We first meet Will when our favorite doctors go to a military hospital to help a cancer ridden patient. Dr. Thorpe is not a fan of the Grey Sloan's doctors but works with them anyway, and by the end of the episode it's clear he doesn't just like, Meredith he really likes Meredith.

Once Jackson points out the obvious to Meredith, she decides to take a chance and put herself out there. Turning away from the waiting van, Meredith goes back and gives Dr. Hottie her phone number and they lived happily every after. Just kidding! This is Grey's after all. Instead Meredith ignores Will's calls and texts. Thankfully, Will isn't a quitter and shows up at Grey Sloan to ask Meredith out on a date in person. So should say yes? Absolutely! And here's why.

Just Look At Him

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Let's not beat around the bush here. Dr. Will may not be McDreamy, but he's pretty close. Obviously, a relationship should be built on more than just looks but for now Meredith doesn't need to think that far ahead, she just needs to get back in the game. And, if she's going to start dating again, why not go for someone who looks mighty fine in some scrubs.

He's A Doctor

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Although it's pretty unrealistic that every doctor at Grey Sloan would end up with another doctor, it also kind of makes sense. Doctors, especially surgeons, have crazy schedules and who better to understand that than another doctor? Dr. Will would totally get Meredith's hectic work schedule .

Will Doesn't Work At Grey Sloan

Although I'd love for Meredith to have her happy ever after, let's be real about the following: couples don't last on Grey's, so I don't expect Will and Meredith to last forever, which is why it's great that he doesn't work at Grey Sloan Memorial. Meredith can date Will knowing that if it doesn't work out she won't have to go to work the next day and try to avoid him. She can just move on.

Meredith's Friends Are Team Will

Jackson is the one that told Meredith Will wanted her number. Then, Callie and Maggie worked on convincing Meredith to call or text Will back. Basically, every one wants Meredith to go for it because they know she has a right to be happy.

He Obviously Really Likes Meredith

What guy who hasn't even gone on a date with you yet would travel to your place of work just so he could ask you out in person? Some might say someone exhibiting stalker-like tendencies, but I'd say that's a guy who is really into you and isn't willing to give up on you just yet. Will even admits that his arrival could appear stalker-ish but he doesn't care because he figures if he's standing in front of Meredith, than she can't say no to him. After all Meredith has been through, she deserves someone who will go above and beyond to be with her, and Will seems up for the task.