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Is Another Plane Crash Coming To 'Grey's Anatomy'?

No one will forget the Season 8 finale of Grey's Anatomy with the infamous plane crash. Killing off the popular "Slexie" ship and leaving many of the other characters scarred, it definitely ranks high on Grey's most heartbreaking episodes list. It's no surprise then, that fans are deeply worried about the next episode, where Meredith once again finds herself on a plane. So will Meredith's plane crash on Grey's Anatomy? Fans are seriously worried.

The repercussions of the plane crash were lasting on the show. Derek had to work with Callie to regain control of his hand; Arizona lost her leg; and all of them had to deal with the loss of both Lexie and Mark Sloan. Not to mention, Owen was heavily blamed for the crash and eventually stepped down as chief. Moreover, all the doctors impacted by the crash got a large pay out and ended up buying the hospital and renaming it Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Therefore, to say the plane crash led to big changes on the show would be an underestimate, and fans just aren't ready to go through something like that again.

However, they probably have no reason to worry. It's not really Shonda Rhimes' style to repeat a storyline. At least, not one this big. However, it is like Rhimes to remind viewers of the lasting trauma an incident like a plane crash can have a person. This was brought up once before when there was a massive plane crash and the hospital was preparing for a lot of victims to come in. Both Arizona and Meredith were deeply affected by the memory of their plane crash and had to sit down together, in order to calm down.

It appears something similar will happen in next week's episode, except this time it's even worse since Meredith will actually be on a plane. It looks like the plane experiences some serious turbulence and may even be caught in a storm. It gets so bad, the oxygen masks come out. To make matters worse, it looks like someone on the plane will need medical attention and Meredith and Riggs, who were left in a weird place after Thursday night's episode, will have to help that person together.

Most likely, this episode will be all about Meredith pushing past her PTSD and also figuring out her feelings for Riggs. It seems highly doubtful that Rhimes brought Meredith all this way just to kill her off in another plane crash. So relax Grey's fans and, for once, let's hope for the best.