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Why Mona Could Be A.D.'s Next Victim On 'PLL'

It wouldn't be the finale 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars if there wasn't a murder. Sure, Yvonne already died but that was just because of a deer; it wasn't nefarious. No, there has to be some real blood shed in these final 10 episodes and the latest episode seemed to confirm there will be when A.D. was shown drawing a gravestone that said, "Here lies..." There's a lot of speculation about who could be dying before the series comes to an end, but there's one character, in particular, that seems more likely to be killed off. So will Mona die on Pretty Little Liars? This may be the end of the road for this former "A" instigator.

In "The Glove That Rocks the Cradle," Mona was upset with Hanna because Hanna told her that the other Liars are unaware that she knows about the game and they still don't trust her. Mona definitely has every right to be upset. Though she messed with them and stalked them in the beginning of the series, since then she's more than proven to be on the Liars' side and has helped them out more than once. Moreover, if anyone could figure out who A.D. is, it's Mona. Hence, why A.D. may want her dead.

A.D. seems to know all and see all, so it wouldn't be surprising if they knew Hanna had told Mona about the game, especially since she went to the high school to try and catch A.D. as well. Caleb got hit with a noxious gas when he tried to tamper with the game, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for A.D. to kill Mona for getting involved.

Besides, if Mona ends up dead, it'll leave Hanna feeling incredibly guilty, especially right after Mona made her big speech about still not really being part of their group. A.D. seems to be trying to cause a rift between the Liars and if Mona ends up dead and then Hanna finds out Aria has been working with A.D. this whole time, their friendship will be totally ruined. Mona has been loyal to Hanna in every way for a while now and if Hanna discovers she trusted the wrong person, she'll never forgive herself.

Fans shouldn't be too worried about Mona though. According to IMDB, Janel Parrish who plays Mona, will appear in all of the final episodes of the series. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean she'll survive them all, but it definitely seems like she won't end up dead — at least not until the very end of the series.

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