Will Baby Get Me Confused With Other Moms?

Imagining the world from your baby's perspective can be fun. From your baby's point of view, a crib mobile is spellbinding artwork and the family dog is this giant animal three times his size. With this in mind, you may also feel some concern about your baby's ability to pick you out from a crowd. For instance, you may wonder: will my baby confuse me with other moms? Because even adults can have trouble telling people apart, as anyone who has mistakenly waved at a stranger can attest.

You can most likely put those concerns to rest, because there is ample evidence that babies have many ways of recognizing their own mom. First, there is your baby's developing sense of sight. According to Baby Center, your newborn is only able to see about 8 to 12 inches away, which is an ideal distance for memorizing your face. In fact, your baby may know you by sight within a few days of birth, as further noted by Baby Center. Chances are, your baby will know your face from another mom's within weeks of being born.

Next, your baby's nose knows who you are, particularly if you breastfeed. As noted in Parenting, your baby can tell the difference between your breast milk and another mom's by scent alone. Oh, and this distinction can happen when your baby is only 2 weeks old, as further noted by Parenting.

In fact, your baby can likely distinguish you from other moms even while still in utero. As explained on Baby Center, babies may be able to tell their mother's language from a foreign language during the final 10 weeks of pregnancy. Even prior to birth, it looks like your baby is listening closely to the distinct sound of your voice.

Granted, plenty of infants seem content with just about any caregiver, as long as their basic needs for food and comfort are met. But you can take heart in knowing that, even in those very early days, your little one already thinks you're unique and special. Hopefully, your bond will only grow with time.