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Olivia Pope Showed Up On 'HTGAWM' & Twitter Is Excited

Fans of How to Get Away with Murder have come to expect game-changing final moments, but the last minute of "Ask Him About Stella" was especially thrilling. Just as Annalise's class action lawsuit started to fall apart, Michaela came up with a solution: go to the ultimate problem-solver for help. That meant none other than Scandal's Olivia Pope. But will Olivia Pope help Annalise on HTGAWM? That seems like a guarantee.

Annalise's ongoing lawsuit in Season 4 has been full of stops and starts, with the Keating Four (plus Oliver) working around the clock to try to make it happen. But when it all seemed hopeless, Michaela was there to save the day. Like any regular viewer of ABC's Thursday night lineup, she knew that there was one person who could navigate all of the problems Annalise was having. Luckily, that person seemed to be arriving just in time to put her own twist on Annalise's old class. Olivia Pope was in town to teach everyone how to survive a scandal, which is a lesson these characters could really use.

Fans knew the moment when Annalise and Olivia crossed paths would be coming at some point because it had been announced ahead of time, but when it happened it was still thrilling. And it was really little more than a tease, because they still haven't shared so much as a word. Next episode, however, that will change.

"Ask Him About Stella" ended with Annalise going to sit in Olivia's class, files in hand, clearly planning on trying to talk to her when it finished up. Olivia didn't get to utter so much as a sentence but in the promo for the next episode, it looks like she'll have some strong words for Annalise.

Olivia very firmly informs Annalise that this is her town, her game, and her rules — and it seems like Annalise is going to have to learn to abide by them. Fans will have to wait until March 1 to see how it all shakes out, but with those two powerhouse actresses going head to head, it couldn't be anything short of amazing.

It seemed like fans of both shows were feeling the excitement, and they took to Twitter to express it. But as fun as it was to get a hint of the crossover in "Ask Him About Stella," it was totally torturous to know it would be weeks before viewers got to see the good stuff.

Unfortunately, if you're not already a fan of both shows, the fervor over the crossover might not have reached you yet. In some ways, the break could be good — another who isn't already familiar with Scandal can use the time to take a crash course so they're prepared to see Olivia and Annalise argue it out together.

Michaela may have been confident in Olivia's abilities to get Annalise's case to the Supreme Court, but the promo was definitely sowing some seeds of discord. There's always a chance that Annalise and Olivia won't get along, at least at first. One assumes that they'll be able to respect each other's awesomeness despite any disagreements, but a little conflict is bound to arise when such strong characters are going one on one.

But hopefully that promo is being a little misleading. Seeing Olivia and Annalise side by side is an opportunity for both shows to do some very interesting things, and the most appealing would be getting to see them use their considerable skills to work together. It may be a long wait until viewers get to find out how it goes, but it seems safe to assume it'll be worth it.

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