Scott Everett White/ABC

Olivia Is On A Misson To Save Huck On 'Scandal'

It's been two weeks since Scandal fans saw Huck get shot and there's still been no answers about his current state. Although that episode about how Abby got sucked into working for this new evil group was great, it didn't answer any of the big questions regarding Huck's fate. Is Huck alive? Where is he? Why is Meg so evil? Thankfully, this week's episode will finally give fans some answers. So will Olivia save Huck on Scandal? She's got the whole team on the case.

Based on the promo and the promotional photos, it looks like Olivia calls in everyone to try and find Huck. Of course, Quinn and her fiancé Charlie are working to find Huck, but it looks like Jake and Marcus are also pulled into the case. Olivia even goes to Abby for help, not knowing that Abby is the one who betrayed them all. Still, even Abby seems determined to help out, as she's seen calling someone in the preview saying, "Please just tell me where he is." She's most likely talking to Meg since it turns out they're partners.

At this point, it appears that Huck is alive, at least for now. When Meg told Abby and the mystery blonde woman what she did, she clearly stated that Jennifer was dead, but when asked about Huck she said, "He'll never know you were a part of this," to Abby. Why say it like that if Huck didn't survive?

Now the only question is what did Meg do with Huck? Is it possible she actually did have feelings for him and now she's keeping him alive for some reason? Or is this still all part of the mystery group's plans? It's hard to know for sure. One thing's for certain, OPA isn't going to stop until they find Huck, dead or alive, and with Olivia on the case they'll definitely get answers.

Olivia and Huck are literally ride or dies. Huck would go anywhere and do anything for Olivia and that's because she saved him when he was homeless, after just getting out of the hole her father put him in. They're the closest of friends and he was really the start of OPA when he helped her during Fitz's very first presidential campaign. Olivia's not going to let Huck just be taken without a fight and if she learns what Abby did — well, Abby better watch her back too.

Olivia & Co. are on the war path now and nothing and no one will stand in their way of getting Huck back.