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Will Olivia Take Susan Down On 'Scandal'? She Might Have Finally Gone Too Far

Presidential fixer Olivia Pope has done a lot of questionable things throughout Scandal's history, but she always affirms it's in the best interest of her clients. Some of said clients are presidential candidates — Fitz Grant — and some of the questionable things include rigging his election. Now, in order to get Fitz's ex-wife Mellie Grant to win the election, she's up to shady activities again. Will Olivia take Mellie's rival Susan Ross down?

Thursday's episode of Scandal opened up with a Republican debate, with Mellie, Susan, and Trump-esque Hollis Doyle in attendance. Susan was initially paralyzed by the news that her boyfriend, David Rosen, was cheating on her. Eventually, however, came back with an excellent answer to the question about being her husband's "keeper." Susan told a sob story about her husband, John, and why for many years she believed it was her fault he was murdered.

The answer won her the debate — which made Mellie and Olivia furious because Susan raced ahead in the polls. As Mellie's fixer, Olivia wanted to do what she could to bring her popularity up again. This lead Olivia to dive into Susan's surprisingly dark past. Turns out Susan was lying about her husband and the father of her daughter. The true ex and father is named Ronnie — and he's in prison.

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Olivia wanted to run with this discovery and take Susan down. She threatened Ronnie to take a paternity test, to prove that Susan's ex was not a hero but a man in prison. Huck insists that Olivia was "crossing a line" and taking it to far. He convinced Quinn as such, who leaked the information to Abby — who got it to Fitz and Susan.

Was Olivia taking this too far? Fans on Twitter sounded off. Some agreed with Huck on the issue:

Others were shocked that Olivia's team turned against her:

And others stood by her themselves:

Has Olivia gone too far? These actions don't seem too out of line with what she did earlier on Scandal — the most notable being apart of Fitz's election rigging. Then again, she does try to keep her moral compass in check; going after a candidate and her daughter just because she's ahead in the polls is not cool, and she knows that.

Given Olivia and Fitz's talk over scotch at the end of Thursday's episode, Olivia might back off these dirty tactics. Then again, the election has only begun — who knows what she, and Fitz for that matter, will do to get their candidates ahead.