Don't Be Scared To Orgasm When Pregnant

For some people, pregnancy sex is an awkward or uncomfortable topic — even when wanting to inquire about safety. Luckily, moms-to-be will quickly learn they don't have any reason to be concerned when getting it on with a baby bump. Unless your healthcare provider says otherwise, you are able to have sex throughout pregnancy. Not to mention, some moms-to-be even experience better orgasms during pregnancy too. This, however, may cause you to wonder will an orgasm hurt the baby? If you're feeling extra kicking from the baby afterward, it can be a little unsettling.

Fortunately, you can enjoy a sigh of relief because orgasms during pregnancy are totally safe, according to an article in Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. What's even better is that they're actually encouraged. The only cause for alarm is if you notice cramping for an long period of time or at an abnormally severe intensity.

Additionally, Fit Pregnancy noted that a woman's orgasms can be more prominent during pregnancy. This is due to the entire genital and pelvic regions being more engorged with blood, which ups sensitivity. Because any type of stimulation can make a pregnant women more likely to reach orgasm, this may be the best time to experience peak pleasure by taking advantage of sex.

During or after orgasms, however, you may notice your baby kicking more, which could understandably cause more worry for moms-to-be. Luckily, Just Parents shared that baby can't really feel what's going on during sex, because they are enclosed in amniotic fluid that cushions them from your movements. Babble noted that it's primarily just the increased circulation orgasm can cause that may result in some extra kicking after an orgasm. So regardless of the affects of experiencing an orgasm or potential kicking after, there's no reason whatsoever to be concerned for your baby's safety.

Even though orgasms can be more prominent for some women during pregnancy, others may experience a lack in sexual desire, which is totally fine too. As long as you're comfortable and want to continue having sex, know that orgasms are perfectly safe with a baby bump.