Will Paul Spector Die On 'The Fall' Season 3? His Fate Remains Unknown

The Fall returns to Netflix for a third season on Saturday, Oct. 29, and its Season 2 finale twist left us with a huge cliffhanger. As Paul was leading Stella to his latest victim in the woods, an old foe of his popped out of the bushes and fired a bullet into him. Drawn out of the woods by the gunfire, Stella found Paul shot down and rushed to his side, begging him to hold on till the ambulance arrives. So will Paul Spector die on The Fall Season 3? We know from the trailer, at least, that he doesn't die on the spot.

Paul gets shot by Jimmy, the abusive husband of one of his grief counseling clients, who's been aggressive towards Paul ever since he decided Paul was developing a too-close relationship with his wife. Jimmy is eventually gunned down in the exchange of bullets between him and police, but that leaves Paul with a serious gunshot wound. In the Season 3 trailer, we see Paul in the emergency room with doctors working on him and a watchful Stella still panicking by his side. One doctor sneers, "So he's the Bellfast Strangler?" with a tone that suggests he isn't super enthusiastic about saving Paul's life. But Stella shuts that down quick.

"I want him to live so that he can spend the rest of his life in prison," she fires back. It's clear that she's invested in keeping him alive, not only so that he can be punished for his crimes, but also because of her fascination with his psychological profile. Like in most serial killer/detective dramas, the game of cat and mouse between Stella and Paul is tense. Paul toys with Stella, earning gratification whenever he leaves her wanting more, while Stella is so entranced by his complex psyche that getting answers to her questions is paramount.

Paul seemingly turns the whole game upside down when he confesses everything to Stella, even offering to lead her to his final victim, if she gave him time with his daughter. But Stella isn't nearly finished picking his brain yet and, with his life in the balance, her sense of closure on the case is threatened. It's probably safe to assume that Paul pulls through, though, since the series wouldn't have much of an arc without him. It'll be interesting to see where exactly Paul and Stella's relationship goes, now that it's moved from cryptic phone calls to IRL.