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Peter The Pilot Better Be A Shoe-In For Hometowns Or 'Bachelor' Nation Will Riot

If you're watching this season of The Bachelorette, I don't have to tell you about Peter, the adorable pilot. With his sweet-as-pie smile and charm, he not only captured Hannah's heart, but America's when he showed up on night one in his pilot's gear. As one of the men leading the competition for Hannah's hand in marriage, Peter has also managed to stay away from house drama. That said, now that things are nearing an end, will Peter get a hometown date on The Bachelorette or will Bachelor Nation get its collective heart broken?

Even though this is a spoiler-free site, I'm allowed to tell you how I think things will go down, and I believe fan fav, Peter, will get a hometown date — with one caveat: that things don't progress any further between Hannah and Connor S. Up until now, Peter seems to pull the lead between the two, but I wouldn't count Connor S. out just yet. He was the one who brought Hannah soup and flowers when she was lying sick in bed, then left notes all over the place for her to find.

That's cool and all, but Hannah does seem to be drawn to Peter. When he asked if she would be his girlfriend, she giggled and accepted. It doesn't get any cuter. But is it hometown-worthy love?

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If he's chosen, Hannah will travel to Westlake Village, California, where the two will likely go line-dancing — a hobby he lists in his ABC bio. Or, they'll hop into a plane and fly somewhere for a romantic dinner somewhere. It sounds dreamy. Peter is a hopeless romantic who Hannah obviously swoons around. Being a hometown date recipient doesn't guarantee Peter would make it to the last man standing's spot. If I were to take a guess, I'd place him in the 3rd spot, with Luke getting sent home (cross your fingers), Jed in the number two spot and Tyler taking Hannah's heart for the win.

Those are just my early guesses — not spoilers — but I think no matter how it all ends, Peter the pilot will be just fine. He has an arsenal of fans rooting for him, has a great career he loves, and a supportive family. That's not to say any of that replaces the love he and Hannah could have, but it's something. All of this aside, I think Peter's chances are good. Having the chance to do a hometown date would allow Hannah to see more of who her is, outside of the show. Maybe she needs that with him to see if there could be a future. Hometowns are the extra push that either sends a couple across the engagement finish line, or helps them take a big step back. Or, in a world of mixed signals, things may look like they're progressing on TV, but aren't behind the scenes. Hannah clearly enjoys Peter; I'm just not sure it's stronger than the other relationships.

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I can't tell you that Peter gets a hometown date for sure or not, so take my thought with a grain of salt. I can't picture a scenario where he'd do something that would make Hannah want to send him home before the epic date. They have a connection you can feel from the other side of the screen. I can say, he was adorable night one, continues being adorable, and even if he's not chosen, will end on an adorable note. It's the Peter the pilot way.