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Here's What We Actually Know About Prince Harry's Bachelor Party

We've all seen The Hangover by now. Former bad boy and his friends go out for one last hurrah. The groom feigns reticence, but ultimately ends up getting so blindly drunk that his groomsmen assume he's been kidnapped and worry they'll have to rescue him from a former heavyweight champion's pet tiger. For a bachelor with a party history like Prince Harry's, a fishing trip with a few cases of Carlsberg would garner plenty of rumors, but given past antics, will Prince Harry have a bachelor party, or "stag do" as the Brits call it?

It's been several years since there's been even the whisper of a scandal surrounding His Royal Highness Prince Harry, but that doesn't mean that as soon as his wedding was announced that commentators and bloggers the world over didn't start in with the jokes about possible stag night shenanigans. However, we're now just a few days away from "I will," and still? Crickets. What has been reported in The Sun is that Prince William has planned something, and it's most likely close to home.

Can you blame him for not wanting a blow out bachelor party? He's had his time to be the wild and carefree royal, but now, with his Invictus Games raising money and hope for wounded soldiers and veterans, and his new life as a married man, things change.

People like to harangue His Royal Highness Prince Harry for his former party boy habits, but apart from some terrible judgement when he was a very young guy, his only real issue has been the scrutiny under which everything has been judged. Seriously, have you been 20? Sure, there are plenty of people who make it through late adolescence and early adulthood with all of the grace and severity of someone far older, but I know I wasn't one of them.

If all of my actions from over a decade ago were made public? Let's just say people might look at me strangely. I partied in the seediest of gay bars in the early 2000s, dressed drag queens while they smoked, and made out with whoever would buy me a drink. It wasn't pretty, but I was learning who I wanted to be and having a great time doing it. Now the only time I get to hang out with drag queens is when we go to brunch or at the library when they read books to my kids where my daughter asks how fast they speed up their makeup tutorial videos on YouTube.

Every day I thank every deity I can think of that social media and camera phones weren't as big of a deal when I was going out regularly. If only because my eyebrows were absolutely terrible.

The Metro UK reported that the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties has likely already taken place. They reported, "However the party-loving royal is reported to have held it in the Scottish Highlands — although it might not have been quite such a wild night as you might imagine, in a bid to avoid any royal scandal."

If there was already a bit of a stag do, will Prince Harry have a bachelor party the night before the shindig? While there's no official rules against the practice that I could find, and the Brits don't have the tradition of the rehearsal dinner that we do here in the states, my guess is that a blow out the night before is highly unlikely. Let's be honest, it's hard to party in your 30s and get up feeling refreshed, and given the goo goo eyes he makes at Meghan, he'll want every last bit of energy for the wedding day. Besides that, there's always the reception and honeymoon for some solid party time.