Will Ramsay Bolton Kill Jon Snow On 'Game Of Thrones?' Jon Might Not Be Safe

On Sunday night's Game of Thrones, the moment we have been waiting for for about a year finally came to pass. Lady Melisandre resurrected Jon Snow from the dead after his fatal stabbing at the hands of his sworn brothers. Hooray! Unfortunately for Jon, Ramsay Bolton is already gearing up to storm Castle Black, kill Jon Snow, and recapture his bride, Sansa. What's the opposite of hooray? So will Ramsay Bolton succeed in killing Jon Snow? It's unlikely, but anything is possible in Westeros.

Here is what we know. Sheer, unadulterated evil is Ramsay's defining characteristic. So much so that he is almost cartoonish in his encompassing psychopathy. In case we had forgotten the almost impossible-to-watch torture that Ramsay inflicted on Theon/Reek, Sansa Stark, and various others, Game of Thrones helpfully reminded us that Ramsay is not a nice guy by having him kill his father with a stab to the gut mid-hug, and then feeding his father's widow and newborn son to his savage dogs. Basically, Ramsay Bolton has literally no qualms about savagely murdering anyone in his way, which means that Jon Snow cannot count on Ramsay to spare him out of decency, or even political prudence. Right before he murdered him, his father warned Ramsay that assassinating the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch would turn every House in the North against him, to which Ramsay basically shrugged and said, whatever. Now, with nobody in his way, Ramsay is committed to storming castle black and killing Jon Snow.

Fortunately/unfortunately, Jon Snow is pretty used to having people coming to kill him. From his time with the Wildlings to even his own brothers, Jon has been constantly watching his back for a while now. I'm sure that after having been actually betrayed and murdered, he's going to be doubly on his guard. Also, as we've seen from Alliser Thorne's aborted attempt to kill Jon's faithful bodyguards, Jon has the loyalty of his direwolf Ghost, a few brothers, Melisandre, and an enormous host of Wildlings. If Ramsay Bolton does choose to attack Castle Black, he will have to get through a larger defense force (one with a newfound respect for their apparently invincible leader) than I'm sure he was bargaining for.

Also, it would be just way too mean of the writers to kill Jon off after we've just gotten him back. Then again, they've been mean to us before.