Mark Levine/ABC

Will Rayna & Deacon Stay Together On 'Nashville'? They're On The Rocks

Next week is the surprise series finale of Nashville (unless Lionsgate, who produces the show, succeeds at getting another network to pick it up), which means it's a perfect time for marital strife amongst the show's starring couple. Rayna and Deacon see a therapist (for an entire day, yikes) and start delving into their harmful relationship patterns, both together and separately. They have a rough go of it together, but will Rayna and Deacon stay together on Nashville? While the couple has plenty to fight about, they also have plenty to celebrate.

"I think there's something really inevitable about this relationship," Rayna admits to the therapist. "I think we're inexplicably tied."

But when Deacon is in the session, she calls him out on his fight with Frankie — his constant fighting, in fact — and the way in which he goes behind her back to do something he knows will rain destruction upon their lives. It's a cycle Rayna clearly wants out of and one Deacon seems a little in denial about perpetuating.

Deacon admits that he's always felt ashamed for his actions while putting Rayna on a pedestal as his everything. Ultimately, the therapist suggests that Rayna needs to forgive Deacon while Deacon needs to lay his guilt to rest.

"You both have a deep mythology about this bond," he says, in some of the show's most poignant writing about love. "It's inevitability, the sense of yourselves as artists all tied up within it... But there's a dark side to it."

Rayna decides that what she really needs is Maddie back, and it seems like the implication is that she blames Deacon for her emancipation. Deacon decides he can't beat himself up anymore, and while the episode's final shot is of the two holding hands, it seems like love might not be enough to keep them together in light of all the obstacles in their relationship.

As Nashville's driving will-they-or-won't-they couple, it seems fitting for them to end the series on a happy note, but wrapping up all their struggles in one week seems like a stretch, unless Maddie is somehow brought back into the fold.