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'Empire' Fans Are Desperate For A Rumer Willis Album

Rumer Willis is displaying two of her triple threats as a guest on Empire. She's acting and singing as Tory Ash, an Amy Winehouse-like artist who's trying to overcome a drug addiction and get back in the game. The Dancing With The Stars winner has reportedly been singing since she was little, and starred as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical Chicago several years ago. With her musical talent, Empire fans may be wondering when Willis will enter the music industry as an artist in her own right. Will 'Empire' actress Rumer Willis release an album? Her appearances showcase her vocal ability.

Willis is no stranger to the spotlight. She's the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and made her film debut when she was five years old alongside her mother in Now and Then. Since then, she has not only been in an array of film and television projects, but she's honed other talents as well. According to her biography for The Cabaret, she's been singing before she started acting. When she was three, Willis began performing in her family's living room. At 12, she joined a music conservatory in Idaho and studied opera. Years later, in 2014, she started performing weekly at Sayers Club in Hollywood. It was there that she sharpened her vocals and developed her sultry cabaret style.

Now, Willis is wow'ing a wider audience on Empire. After last Wednesday's performance of "Crazy Crazy 4 U," fans on Twitter are primed for Willis to release music of her own:

Will viewers get their wish of getting a real life Tory Ash album? Well, they could be waiting a while. In 2015, the New York Post reported that Willis was working on an album with producer Linda Perry. Since then, however, there hasn't been an update on the state of said album. She also didn't mention one in her recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her stint on Empire. Rather, she focused on how she enjoyed the combination of singing and acting.

"I've been singing since I was super little, but I've always struggled to find which avenue exactly I wanted to do," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "Being able to do music as well, and the way they do music is such a dynamic, classy way, so I was really excited." Perhaps, then, making an album isn't what Willis wanted to do with her career. If that's the case, her role on Empire is perfect for her. While a Rumer Willis album is up in the air, the audience can still get their fix by listening to her Tory Ash tunes.