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Will Sansa Die During The Bastard Bowl On 'Game Of Thrones'? It's Definitely Possible

It's almost time for Bastard Bowl, and it's anyone's guess who will win. Could Ramsay Bolton, arguably the worst villain on Game of Thrones, finally meet his demise? Or will Jon Snow die... again? Can Sansa and Jon save Rickon from Ramsay's hands or was he doomed from the start? There's so many questions and variables that have come into affect for what is said to be the biggest battle on Game of Thrones ever, and surely they'll be casualties on each side. But a big question that has yet to be asked is if Sansa Stark will die during the Battle of the Bastards?

This season has been very Stark heavy. We saw Jon resurrected, the return of Rickon, Bran, and Benjen, and a flashback to the Tower of Joy (which we'll hopefully get back to in the season finale). Although we'd all love to believe that means this season is the season for the Starks to finally make a comeback, every Game of Thrones fans knows to never get too comfortable. Excluding Jon's death and then resurrection, there hasn't been a major Stark death since the Red Wedding back in the third season. It would make more sense for Rickon to be the one to go but honestly, it'd be much more heart-wrenching if it was Sansa, which is why she's the more likely victim.

Sansa has grown and matured a lot over the seasons, and she's become a hero in her own right. Therefore her death would hold a lot of meaning. If Sansa died, that could be enough to get the Northern houses to realize following Ramsay was a terrible idea and they should've join forces with House Stark a long time ago. Sansa would become a martyr in a way that Rickon couldn't. Rickon is a Stark and he's a sweet kid, but no one really knows him. Sansa's death would hold more punch. Sansa is a Stark through and through, but she's also technically married to a Bolton.

Although this is being called the Bastard Bowl, this is really Sansa's fight. She's fighting for her family's home, her younger brother, but also to right all the wrongs Ramsay did to her. There's no doubt that the Starks will either win or Sansa will die trying because for her the only good outcome of this battle would be to see Ramsay dead. Unfortunately, that may come at the cost of Sansa's own life.