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Will Sansa’s Letter Call The Starks' Bannermen On 'Game Of Thrones’? She's Rallying Forces

While tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, "Blood Of My Blood," was missing Sansa, the promo for the next episode promises she's going to be busy in the coming weeks. Jon and Sansa rode out at the end of "The Door" to try and rally their forces, and it looks like Sansa is doing just that. In the promo, she was seen writing a letter and declaring herself a Stark – now and forever. Will Sansa's letter call the Starks' bannermen?

After escaping from Ramsay and joining forces with Jon, Sansa has been feeling stronger than ever. She wants to take Winterfell back from the man who tortured her and she's going to do it any way she can, but luckily it looks like she'll have some help. After rallying a less than enthused Jon to the cause, Sansa is now planning to build her army. She has the wildlings that Jon saved, and she also sent Brienne down to the Riverlands to see about enlisting Brynden Tully's men. But that's not all: as she said in "The Door," there are other houses in the North who were loyal to the Starks. All signs point to Sansa trying to win over those men.

The backgrounds for Sansa's scenes in the promo are fairly revealing. There are two house sigils glimpsed behind her and behind Davos in two separate scenes: what might be a bear on a yellow background, and also a red fist. If that's an accurate read on blurry background scenery, that would indict House Mormont and House Glover respectively. Both are Northern houses that could be of great help to Sansa and Jon, and are known to have been loyal to the Starks.

House Mormont rules over Bear Island, and they're the family that used to own Jon's sword Longclaw. Danerys' longtime devotee Jorah used to be Lord of Bear Island until disgrace sent him across the sea, so they're a house with a lot of history within the show even if viewers haven't gotten to see Bear Island yet. They are actually connected to the Glovers, too, as Jorah's first wife was a Glover. While the Umbers were also known to be loyal to the Starks until they proved themselves to be betrayers on the grand scale by giving Rickon up to Ramsay, the Mormonts and the Glovers seem like a good place to start in gathering forces. As vassal houses they might not be as powerful, but any ally is an ally, right?

In the promo, Sansa looks steely as she announces to unrevealed characters that she did what she had to do to survive. It's possible Sansa is sharing her harrowing story in an effort to get people to her side, which sounds like a solid plan to me. Anyone who hears even a fraction of what Ramsay has done is definitely going to want to kill him.