'Nashville' Teases A Love Interest For Scarlett

Scarlett and Gunnar are enjoying their first couple million hits on YouTube as The Exes, but Scarlett is still mesmerized by her own performance in the sultry music video for "All of Me." Even though the shoot was an unmitigated disaster, complete with abusive direction, prop destruction, and wholesale SD card deletion, Scarlett is still somehow transfixed by how good she looks in the video, and she credits her hellish director Damien for it. Some chemistry starts to bubble between them after she realizes he coaxed something special out of her, but will Scarlett and Damien hook up on Nashville? It's definitely starting to cause tension between her and Gunnar.

When she finally gathers up the courage to school Damien on his completely inappropriate behavior during the music video shoot, he basically shuts her up by showing her how great the video turned out. She experiences a change of heart after seeing it, but now just feels overwhelmed with mixed emotions. The commercial success of the video doesn't help matters. After getting a million views overnight, The Exes book The Today Show, along with their video director Damien, and he and Scarlett have a flirty rapport during the interview. Gunnar is confused, but he also told Scarlett to try harder at working amicably with Damien, so he doesn't really know what to think.

Scarlett denies that there's anything weird about her behavior and turns Damien down for a celebratory dinner in front of Gunnar when he asks. Gunnar actually can't make it, so he encourages Scarlett to go, in spite of his weird feelings. Scarlett, who is still trying to reconcile the version of herself Damien drew in the video remains cautious in his presence over dinner, but also stays firm until he gives a satisfactory apology for his behavior. She seems to hear to his earnest request that she stay as emotionally open as she was during the shoot in her future work.

In a later scene, Damien bids Scarlett farewell as he leaves town and they share a kiss. She seems surprised, but definitely not mad about it, and she promptly confesses that she felt a spark between them to Gunnar. Even more surprisingly, Gunnar seemed to already know and more or less keeps his cool, although he's definitely annoyed. They're barely keeping it together as a couple, when Scarlett's phone starts blowing up with texts from Damien asking to see her. Previews for next week's episode show Damien and Scarlett together again and Gunnar grilling her on whether she plans to have sex with him or not. Tellingly, Scarlett doesn't answer, but it's pretty clear that this is a way more complex version of Scarlett and Gunnar's relationship than we're used to seeing on Nashville. It's nice to see them finally dealing with grown-up problems like grown-ups.