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'Southern Charm's Fate Is Up In The Air

Southern Charm is the Bravo hit that nobody really saw coming. And as the fourth reasons wraps up, viewers want to know when we'll get to see our favorite southern rascals causing trouble once again. So will Southern Charm return for Season 5? While nothing has been officially confirmed, I really can't see why it wouldn't.

Southern Charm started four long years ago, before Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel had two children, before Patricia started her line of dog-printed caftans, before Thomas failed spectacularly in his political run, before Craig passed the bar exam, and before Shep was finally called on his "aggressive" drunk behavior. Since then, the series has spawned not one, not two, but three spinoff series. The first is Southern Charm: Savannah, which is the same basic premise but set in Savannah, where its stars use phrases like "independently wealthy" in a not-so-ironic way. It was also announced that the network will premiere Southern Charm: New Orleans, though the cast and premiere dates have not yet been announced. The third spinoff will be Relationshep, a show that follows 37-year-old Shep around the country as he meets up with friends and they attempt to set him up. This sounds like an unmitigated disaster, but I wish him luck. So though there has been no official word, it's looking a lot like Season 5 is a go for Southern Charm.

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Southern Charm was actually originally started by Whitney. According to E! News, Whitney got the idea for the reality show after meeting the politician turned felon Thomas Ravenel, who couldn't stop talking about his family's old money. Eventually all the characters that I know and love were cast in the show and it launched with very little fanfare on Bravo. However since then, the show has taken off and become a fan favorite.

Season 4 of Southern Charm reportedly saw the series' highest ratings yet. In fact, Part 1 of the reunion reached 1.3 million viewers. While these numbers are not equal to dependable Bravo regulars like The Real Housewives of New York or The Real Housewives of Orange County, they're still enough to establish Southern Charm as a network favorite. I don't know for sure that Southern Charm will be back for a fifth season, but I also see no reason in the world for it not to come back. Personally, I can't wait to see what happens next.