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Will Spaleb Break Up On 'Pretty Little Liars'? They're Not Long For This World

Before Hanna was kidnapped on Pretty Little Liars, she confessed to Caleb that she's still in love with him. Although he didn't say it back, they did kiss and since then Caleb's been treating Spencer like she's the gum on the bottom of his shoe. Not cool, dude. He also didn't say "I love you, too" when Spencer said it to him during the Season 7 premiere, so it seems Caleb is keeping those three little words close to his chest for now. Still, based on the way Caleb has been treating Spencer recently it seems like he's already made his decision and it looks like Caleb may be breaking up with Spencer soon.

Ever since Hanna went missing, Caleb has been distracted. He's been ignoring Spencer, giving her the cold shoulder, and even hanging up on her. Again, not cool. It's obvious that all Caleb cares about right now is Hanna and Spencer is beginning to realize that. Which, fair enough. Caleb and Hanna have a history that Spencer doesn't hold a candle to. And now that Hanna has escaped A.D.'s lair, and ended up in the hands of Mary Drake, she may be in more trouble than ever, which will make Caleb even more desperate to find her before it's too late. Although Spencer's just trying to help, every time she tries to reach out to Caleb, he just pushes her more and more away.

If Caleb gets into one more fight with Spencer, it wouldn't be all that surprising if the two broke up. They were in a good place at the beginning of Season 6B, but since then, they've drifted, and they constantly seem to be on the last straw. If Caleb doesn't break up with Spencer first, she may just break up with him. While Caleb was with Mona, he was really rude to Spencer over the phone, and that type of behavior will only be tolerated so long. Plus, now that Spencer is hanging out with Toby more, things might rekindle on that front, too. It seems the Liars may finally be going back to their high school relationships now that they're back in Rosewood. Although it's terrible to see how Spencer and Caleb's relationship is falling to crumbs, it wouldn't be surprising to see them break up and go back to their exes.

When Spencer and Caleb first started dating it was surprising and most fans couldn't understand the pairing. Well, now it seems Spencer and Caleb are starting to feel the same way. Hopefully these two can find a way to part on peaceful terms, but at this point, no matter what happens, things will definitely be awkward for Spencer, Caleb, and Hanna from now on.