Stephanie Worries About Her Future With AJ In This Exclusive 'MAFS' Clip

Stephanie and AJ have been one of the more successful couples on Season 8 of Married at First Sight, though they haven't been without their roadblocks. As decision day nears, each couple will have to figure out if they want to remain married and see where this journey takes them. But will Stephanie and AJ stay together on Married At First Sight? In this exclusive clip, they revisit some good memories, but Stephanie still has fears.

This is actually a clip within a clip, because Stephanie and AJ take another look at their wedding day in it. It gives them a good reminder of where everything started and shows how far they've come since that day. AJ is immediately entertained by his wedding smirk and the laughter he shared with Stephanie at the altar before their first kiss. Stephanie is less vocal but stays smiling the entire time. Afterwards, they discuss what they watched. "We advanced so much further than when we were strangers at the altar," AJ says. "Thank God."

Stephanie agrees. She reveals that she could tell how nervous he was that day and she felt so bad. It's clear Stephanie and AJ have a genuine connection, but Stephanie's confessional within the clip proves that she has some doubts too.

"AJ is great," Stephanie tells the camera. She's not worried about his level of commitment, either. "I know that he's in this for the long run. But AJ's frustrations can get overwhelming. So at this point, with decision day so close, I worry about what troubles may come in the future — five, ten years from now."

There doesn't appear to be any question about their interest in each other; Stephanie and AJ are well-matched in that regard, and they both seem dedicated to giving their relationship a real shot. However, AJ does have a habit of letting stress overwhelm him, which has led to him snapping at Stephanie in the past. He apologizes and they talk it out, but it seems like it's still on Stephanie's mind. She sounds worried about that pattern continuing for the next few years.

But that may not be cause for concern. If they're both aware of their potential issues and willing to deal with them, then they may be able to overcome their lingering problems. They've only been together for a short time (and under unusual circumstances at that), so the real test comes when the cameras stop rolling. Stephanie and AJ will have to figure out how to work through disagreements all over again when they don't have a team of experts to consult.

Stephanie and AJ may not decide to remain married. They may choose to stay together on decision day and separate later. But there are other possibilities, too. Despite quibbles, Stephanie and AJ have always seemed willing to try, so there's a much greater chance that they will stay together — or at the very least give it their best shot.

Stephanie and AJ have a good chance of making it, but only time will tell. MAFS airs every Tuesday on Lifetime, but there aren't many episodes left for these four couples to find out what their future holds.