This Detail About Steve Will Make You Even More Excited For 'Stranger Things' Season 3

Do you guys remember when we all hated Steve Harrington? Try to remember way back in the summer of 2016 when you watched the first couple of episodes of Stranger Things and Steve was your typical high school alpha-jerk who slut-shamed a girl because she rejected him. Remember that Steve? Well now, a year and a half later, all anybody seems to want out of Stranger Things is more Steve please. So will Steve be in Stranger Things Season 3? Joe Keery, who plays the now-lovable character, has become one of the most charismatic actors in the show (which is really saying something). So if he's not part of future storylines, the Duffer brothers had better be prepared for fans to riot in the streets.

Steve started out the show as a pretty typical '80s bully — most closely resembling Steph from Pretty in Pink before he slowly morphed into a more charismatic version of Blaine after he really fell for Nancy. Apparently Keery was just so darn lovable that the character shifted to be more complicated than just a straight-up jerk-face. Steve's character really does a 180 when he and Nancy break up in Season 2. After that, Steve is kind of left on his own which paves the way for some wonderful character development and — my personal favorite part of the season — a truly delightful friendship with Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo.

The season leaves Steve gazing longingly from his car at Nancy, who's in the gym helping chaperone the younger kids' school dance. One hopes that this wistful look doesn't signal a sort of goodbye for the character. It should also be noted that Steve is a high school senior in Season 2, and Nancy is helping him apply for colleges. Could Steve really leave behind the Upside Down and Hawkins, Indiana to go do keg stands at Indiana State, leaving Dustin and Nancy to fend for themselves? Luckily, that doesn't appear to be the case.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly whether or not he knew about Season 3, Keery responded with an encouraging, "Yeah definitely." But he wasn't about to go around giving away secrets. He continued, "They’re [the Duffers] very collaborative in terms of your ideas about the character. We’ve talked about it and I’ve got some ideas. I feel like I should probably not say just in case any of them come true then I’m spoiling the season." Well that definitely makes it sound like Steve is going to be a part of whatever happens next. Which maybe sounds like a spoiler, Mr. Keery, but one that I'm totally here for.

If you remember the college conversation Steve has with Nancy, then you'll remember that Steve was also open to, you know, not going to college. Instead he could just stay in Hawkins and work for his dad — obviously while also helping a bunch of misfit tweens fight off mysterious otherworldly demons that try to eat people once they've made their way out of the Upside Down.

In support of the theory that Steve just doesn't go to college is the fact that he is never shown on screen actually applying for colleges. Sure, it's a little tenuous, but it's what I've got so I'm sticking with it. Another fan theory making the rounds is that Steve will stay in Hawkins and train to be a cop with Hopper, also known as the other best dad in the world on Stranger Things. Upon reflection, yes I would definitely watch Hopper train Steve to be a world-weary and coffee-addicted defender of the town.

However it happens, the point remains that Stranger Things needs Steve. And I doubt the Duffer brothers would deny him to us.

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