Will Straining When I Poop Hurt My Baby?


Once you’re pregnant, certain personal concerns become rather important. You’re more than willing to Google things or ask questions of your doctor that would have made you blush beforehand. But once your baby’s health comes into question, any sense of shyness flies out the window. For instance, you may wonder will straining when I poop hurt my baby? Because you don’t want to do anything that may harm your developing child.

First things first: why does pregnancy mess with your BMs so much? According to the American Pregnancy Association, almost half of all pregnant women experience problems with constipation, most likely due to hormones that relax the intestines, as well as increased pressure on your intestines from the expanding uterus. Even the supplements you take may contribute to this problem. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, constipation is also a very common side effect of iron supplements, which many women take during pregnancy. So even if you’re taking all the steps to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, you may still end up with some nightmarish experiences in the bathroom.


Although everything about this predicament is uncomfortable, there is some good news: the straining is unlikely to harm your baby. It may, however, hurt you. According to WebMD, the constipation may lead to hemorrhoids, because the fun just never stops when you’re expecting. Straining may only make hemorrhoids worse, so you may want to take things easy in the bathroom anyway.

If you would like to combat pregnancy constipation (and who wouldn’t?), follow advice from the Mayo Clinic and stay hydrated, get some physical activity in your daily routine, and add more fiber in your diet. If the straining really has you worried, then check in with your doctor for advice. By the time your baby arrives, you can hopefully put all of these problems behind you. After all, you will have more than enough work in the diaper department.