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Taylor Swift Is Nominated For 2 Grammys This Year, But Will She Go?

Taylor Swift has been incredibly busy lately. Not only has she released her long-awaited album, Reputation, but she's also set a new batch of tour dates and dropped numerous music videos in just a matter of months. With so much going on, one has to wonder whether Taylor Swift will be at the 2018 Grammys or sit this awards show out. After all, she is up for two nominations this year.

While two nominations may seem like she's guaranteed to attend, there are reasons to believe that Swift may not make an appearance at the 2018 Grammys. For starters, Swift was nominated for a Country Music Association Award in November of last year and didn't attend the ceremony (she was in New York City rehearsing for her musical appearance on Saturday Night Live) — and she actually ended up winning for her category, Song Of The Year, for "Better Man," which she wrote for the country music group Little Big Town. It's possible that Swift's "Better Man" will be recognized again as it was also nominated for a Grammy this year, according to E! News. She's also up for an award for her collaboration with ZAYN, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever."

However, because Reputation itself isn't up for any awards — due to its late release date on Nov. 10, according to E! News — Swift's attendance at the 2018 Grammy Awards is up in the air. What's more, for the past two years, Swift has kept a relatively low profile, only resurfacing to release Reputation last fall and has a much less personal social media presence.

It would be shocking, at least noteworthy, if Swift doesn't show up at the Grammy Awards this year. They're a big deal and Swift usually attends them, especially when she's nominated. In 2017, Swift didn't attend the awards, as she didn't have anything eligible for nomination. However, she walked away with three awards at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

After her wildly successful year ended in 2016, Swift became somewhat of a recluse. She went from posting to social media almost every day to only taking to Instagram to wish her friends a happy birthday or congratulate them on a new song or album. Then, in August of 2017, she wiped all of her social media accounts clean, leaving a literal blank space that had fans everywhere freaking out. Of course, as her devoted fans know now, Swift was merely wiping her slate clean to make room for her new album, Reputation.

Fans may be disappointed if Swift doesn't end up making an appearance at the 2018 Grammy Awards, but let's be honest: people will still talking about her if she's a no-show. And really, if you think about it, Swift showing up at the 2018 Grammys would be a bit of a surprise; to this day, Swift has maintained that low profile she took on since her album's release, only interacting with fans, for the most part, and giving only a few performances since then.

But, of course, if she does show up, fans would get to see Swift on live TV making her legendary surprised face.

But the thing is, Swift's fans know that if she doesn't show up, it's not a diss towards them. Outside of public appearances and awards shows, Swift maintains a strong relationship with her fans. Although she hasn't done any interviews since Reputation was released, she uses her app, Tumblr, Instagram to connect with her most loyal fans. After her secret sessions (where she just oh so casually invited hundreds of fans into her home to let them listen to Reputation ahead of its release and have legit dance parties and photoshoots), and subsequent album release, Swift hasn't really been out in public. She's released music videos and performed at the KIIS FM 2017 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball show in Los Angeles, sure, but that's really it.

Whether Swift decides to show up at the 2018 Grammy Awards, unfortunately, remains a mystery. Indeed, fans will be thrilled if she makes an appearance, but if she doesn't they'll certainly understand, too. But it would be really nice to get a few more surprised face GIFs from her.

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