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Tayshia May Be A Contender For Next Season's Leading Lady On 'The Bachelorette'

One of The Bachelor's final four will likely become the next Bachelorette if the past 14 seasons of the show are any indication. That means unless the franchise strays from tradition, it's between Caelynn, Tayshia, Hannah G., and Cassie. With Caelynn eliminated, and the finale coming up, Bachelor Nation is obsessed with figuring out who Colton proposes to and who might take the Bachelorette baton. Though fans have mixed feelings about her, Tayshia could be the next Bachelorette.

While I can't confirm or deny who the Bachelorette will be (because it hasn't been announced yet), I can tell you it's usually one of the more personable contestants who have received a lot of screen time. That sounds like Tayshia, right? For all you Hannah G. or Caelynn fans, thoughts of Tayshia becoming the next Bachelorette might be hard to swallow. As lovely as she seems, it's not an easy call. She claims to be ready for a proposal — and has been married once before already — but her dad expressed his doubts about the process during the hometown visit with Colton. He even initially refused to give his blessing, saying he barely knew Colton and "you can't microwave a relationship." Then again, it's not like anyone is asking Tayshia's dad to be the Bachelorette.

But though Tayshia has been largely likable on the show, a bit of controversy about her sprung up when her ex-boyfriend, Chase Olswang spoke out about the relationship. He claimed the two only broke up so she could go film The Bachelor. Hmm. Whether true or not, it adds a little salt into the pot. On the bright side, Tayshia is the oldest contest left in the competition. At 28, she might be more "ready" to put it all on the line to find a forever man.

If you're looking for an insider to spill whose names are being tossed into the Bachelorette hat, don't expect Chris Harrison to be the one to do it. "It really is an ongoing debate," he told E! News. "As much as it's raging on social media, that's the same thing that's going on behind the scenes with us."

Along the same lines, series creator, Mike Fleiss, polled Twitter back in February asking who should take the crown saying, "Now who do you think should be our next #TheBachelorette?" A week later he added, "No official decision will be made until #BachelorNation weighs in." Further clues about a potential Bachelorette will be revealed during the Women Tell All taping that airs March 12, because it helps producers and fans gauge live contestant responses while watching how they handle the pressure of the spotlight — especially if confronted by lingering drama. E! News stated another tell-tale sign is if Chris Harrison brings a woman onto the stage for a one-on-one conversation. That usually means she's being considered, and depending on how she handles it, may move to the top spot. This is something to remember if Tayshia is eliminated by Colton, and if she is called up on Women Tell All, FYI.

At this point — and if you've avoided spoilers as to who wins Colton's heart — it's not entirely possible to guess which direction ABC execs will go in terms of finding their next Bachelorette. They may not even pull from this season just to keep you on your toes. No matter what happens, don't get too weepy for whose not chosen. There will always be a second chance on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.