'The Get Down' Season 2 Could Totally Happen

Last summer The Get Down hit Netflix to much critical acclaim. The musical drama, which takes place in the 1970s Bronx, follows a group of teens as they try to reach their dreams and musical aspirations. Unlike most other Netflix shows, only the first half of the season aired last summer and the second half will be available for streaming on April 7, but what happens after that? Will The Get Down return for Season 2? Fans certainly hope so.

Thankfully, it seems the odds of another season happening are pretty good. Show creator Baz Luhrmann sat down with Vulture last month to discuss the future of The Get Down and he's hopeful there will be a second season. "To be honest, we have already developed the opening of the next season," he told the outlet. "Sony and Netflix have been very driven about having a second season. There has been no question about that. They really want it."

However, although the want for a second season is definitely there, Luhrmann said he doesn't think he'd stay on as showrunner if the show does continue. Instead, he hinted that they already have a showrunner in mind to take his place. "Way back in the very beginning of this, and I won't say who it was, but there is an African-American director who is absolutely the best of the best for this, and always was," he said. "I tried to get him involved and I couldn't. I don't want to be tease-y, but we're all trying to hope to make that work out."

So even though a second season hasn't been officially ordered yet, Luhrmann feels confident that once they find a new showrunner the second season will be a go. Hopefully that won't take long and fans' minds can finally be put at ease about the continuation of their favorite show.

For now, though, they can continue to look forward to the second half of the first season finally premiering. Although the second half will be shorter than the first (five episodes instead of the expected six), the finale will be a bit a longer than the other episodes, clocking in at 75 minutes. Also, fans will definitely see a change between the first half and the second.

"The first half is a little bit more naïve," Luhrmann told Vulture in the same interview. "It's a little bit more childish. Whereas the second part... as they jump forward [from summer 1977 to fall 1978], the style of show has a little bit more edge and complexity."

Fans can see the change for themselves when the second half of The Get Down Season 1 begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, April 7.