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William, Kate, George, & Charlotte Are ALL Going To The Royal Wedding, But Is The New Baby?

When Kate Middleton gave birth to the newest royal baby earlier this week, to say people were thrilled would be an understatement. And now that he is finally here and the world has gotten its first glimpse at the little prince, people can look forward to the next most exciting thing to happen with the royal family — Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle next month. Surely, though, royal family fans are wondering if the new royal baby will be at Prince Harry and Markle's wedding now that he's finally here.

When Prince Harry and Markle tie the knot at St. George's Chapel in front of 600 lucky guests on Saturday, May 19, according to The Telegraph, the new royal baby will be a little under 1 month old. By then, his name willy likely be announced and he will (hopefully) allow his parents to get a full night's sleep. But it isn't exactly clear if the new royal baby will be making an appearance at the royal wedding between his uncle and future aunt.

Because the royal wedding guest list is "restricted to those who have a direct relationship with the couple," according to The Telegraph, no one will know for sure if the royal baby will be attending until they tune into the wedding, which will likely be televised, according to Town & Country, and see for themselves. But there are a few things that could point to the new royal baby attending the wedding and not attending the wedding next month.

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It's very likely that Prince William and Middleton will be attending the royal wedding. With Middleton looking as put together as she did after her first appearance after giving birth, it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll be more than ready to make her appearance at Prince Harry and Markle's wedding, according to The Independent. Although she might not play a huge role in their wedding, she will be in attendance, according to The Independent, and if this is the case, then the new royal baby could possibly be held by Middleton in that front row.

The new royal baby's siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will also be in attendance, according to Harper's Bazaar. But they won't just be there to celebrate with their family — it's possible that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will play a role in the wedding, serving as a page boy and flower girl, respectively (after all, they are Prince Harry's nieces and nephews). Because of their important roles, it wouldn't be fair for the royal baby to sit at home and miss one of the most talked about celebrations of the year, right?

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But even with all of this, according to royal experts, the new royal baby is not expected to make an appearance at Prince Harry and Markle's wedding, according to The Daily Express, for a reason you might not expect — people would be too excited. "They certainly won't bring the baby to the wedding, this will ensure that the focus is on Harry and Meghan as of course it should be," royal expert, Richard Fitzwilliams, told The Daily Express

So while Middleton might be up to make the appearance, it is very likely that her new baby won't. You can't blame them for wanting to keep the baby at home. The wedding service (which is described as a "traditional ceremony") will begin in the afternoon, according to The Telegraph, and will be followed by a two-mile procession, an afternoon reception, and a smaller evening reception. That is a lot for one infant to take. And with the amount of naps and feedings that a newborn needs, it's understandable why he wouldn't make an appearance.

Although an appearance from the new royal baby at Prince Harry and Markle's wedding would be the cherry on top of the royal cake, it's pretty much guaranteed that their wedding will be super exciting regardless of the new royal's attendance.

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