Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO

Fans Want More 'Big Little Lies'

If there's any consensus about Big Little Lies, it's how great it is. Where else can you watch Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and a cast full of other A-listers and adorable children galavant around the California coast? Besides our dreams, nowhere. With how gripping the show is, you may wonder if we'll be in for another season of the drama — there must be enough viewers who love it to compel HBO to renew it. There may be some Emmys and Golden Globes thrown their way soon, too. But will there be a Big Little Lies Season 2? Fans really don't want to leave this intense, wonderful world.

Unless you've missed every bit of press on Big Little Lies (and the opening credits), you know the series is based on the bestselling novel by Liane Moriarty. Because of this, the series has a finite amount of narrative to tell. But, of course, that has not stopped adaptations from expanding on what's already established in the past. Game of Thrones, for instance (another HBO series), began to divert into original content in subsequent seasons. It's possible, then, for David E. Kelley and the other producers to want to continue the Otter Bay School parents' adventures after viewers find out the events that take place on the infamous Trivia Night.

Unfortunately, though, a second season of Big Little Lies is probably not going to happen. When Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman bought the rights to Moriarty's novel, there was initially a discussion to make it a film, according to Variety. The ultimate decision, though, was to have it be a seven-episode series, which serves as basically a seven-hour movie. "That’s the beauty about what’s going on right now with all the new players and what HBO is doing — inviting film people to play in their sandbox," director Jean-Marc Vallée told Variety. "The line between film and TV series is very thin." Vallée also directed Witherspoon's film Wild.

What may have attracted all the celebrities involved in Big Little Lies, too, was the fact that it was not a long commitment. The shoot was 88 days longer — a much shorter span than a several-season long TV series. If more seasons were in the works, they may not have gotten the star-studded cast it boasts now. While Big Little Lies is great, a limited run may be for the best. Not only are we blessed with the cast, but we're blessed with Liane Moriarty's source material. A continuation may ruin the series' spark. I'll miss Monterey, but we still have a few more episodes to devour first.