Will There Be A 'Haters Back Off' Season 2? Miranda Sings Will Rely On Her MirFANdas

Carol Segal/Netflix

With the premiere of Youtube star Miranda Sings' Netflix series Haters Back Off! which is named for one of the star's catch-phrases, her Mirfandas (that would be Miranda's name for her fans) are already wondering will there be a Haters Back Off season 2. If the show is popular enough, there's no reason for there not to be, but there's no word on a continuation just yet.

The Netflix series is based on the internet superstar Miranda Sings, who is actually just a character created by actress and comedian Colleen Ballinger. Miranda is a homeschooled and infantile young woman, though her exact age is never explicitly stated. With slathered on red lipstick, signature sweatpants, center part, and atonal singing, Miranda has a deluded sense of her own talent. She honestly believes that she is a famous star, it's just that no one knows it yet. A parody of everyone who has ever sought fame on the internet, the Miranda from her Youtube videos gets a back story with the series, with a ready made fan base who already adore the hilarious and quirky character. It's the first time an unscripted Youtube show has made it's way to a scripted series.

Reviews of the show are mostly positive, drawing comparisons to Napolean Dynamite and its unself-aware anti-heroine to the likes of The Office and Eastbound and Down. The LA Times remarks, "For the viewer, the question isn't whether she's going to get famous —  clearly, she doesn't deserve to, but if she does, fine, we have seen that story before —  but whether a sliver of empathy will penetrate her self-obsession. The show draws you on with this promise."

Reviews weren't overwhelmingly glowing, however, remarking that at times Miranda's grating personality (and singing) were perhaps just a little too grating. While Miranda's over-the-top persona works well in a 2-minute Youtube clip, perhaps she's just a little too extra to sustain an entire series.

Fans of the series will of course disagree, and in the end, it's their opinion that really matters. So if they want a Season 2, Mirfandas have to let their desires be known to the powers that be. And the haters, well, they can back off.