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Fans Are Already Craving More 'Lovesick'

Netflix's original series, Lovesick, is back for its third season and fans can't wait to see what's next for Dylan (Johnny Flynn) and Evie (Antonia Thomas). Most viewers plan on binging the entire season this weekend, as one tends to do with Netflix series, which has led some to already ask: will there be a Lovesick Season 4? Unfortunately, the British comedy hasn't been renewed just yet, but that doesn't mean it won't be. Although Lovesick hasn't garnered the level of fandom or accolades that other Netflix originals have, it still has a very loyal fanbase and critics do love it.

The series, which began in 2014 and was originally titled Scrotal Recall, began with Dylan discovering he had chlamydia and then proceeding to let each one of his exes know about it. Each episode, named after one of Dylan's exes, then began with Dylan explaining he had a STD and that they should get checked out too. It would then proceed to explore some significant part of Dylan's relationship with that person and how it applied to his present day, where he was now living with his best friend, Luke (Daniel Ings), and Luke's best lady friend, Evie.

Dylan and Evie thus end up in a will they/won't they relationship that has continued through the first two seasons and will likely continue on into the third season.

While the first season ended with Evie about to get married and discovering Dylan was in love with her, the second season left off in the opposite way, with Evie now being single and Dylan embarking on a new relationship with Abigail (Hannah Britland), the bartender Evie met a while back and almost became friends with. To make things a bit more complicated, the night Evie and Abigail met, Evie was lamenting to her about a "guy" she'd just slept with — that guy of course being Dylan. Obviously, it didn't take long for Abigail to put two and two together.

However, it seemed like Abigail was willing to look past it and heading into Season 3, Abigail and Dylan are still going strong, which is unfortunate for Evie who is so clearly still in love with Dylan. In the trailer for the third season, it looks like this will continue to be a source of awkwardness for Abigail, Evie, and Dylan, however. Dylan attempts to broach the topic of his and Evie's history, but she'd rather not talk about it. Similarly, Abigail later calls out Evie for being in love with Dylan and also points out how Dylan lied about the number of times he slept with Evie.

Clearly this season will be filled with tension and a bit of awkwardness but that's what makes the show so fun. Meanwhile, Luke is also trying to figure out his own love life and Dylan continues to be introspective about what it even means to be in love.

If you haven't gotten into Lovesick yet, now's the perfect time to binge watch the entire series. Each season is less than 10 episodes long and each episode is only about a half hour in length so it's really easy to catch up. Plus, the more people who watch the show, the more likely Lovesick will be renewed. So get to streaming and fall in love with a new comedy. Trust me, once you start watching, you'll be totally hooked and eager for more.

Lovesick Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. You won't want to miss it!

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