Fans Can Catch Up With The 'MAFS' Season 8 Couples After The Finale

Married at First Sight Season 8 draws to a close on Lifetime with "The End or the Beginning." Each of the couples — Kristine and Keith; Stephanie and AJ; Will and Jasmine; and Luke and Kate — will be deciding whether or not they want to remain married once the cameras stop rolling. But the finale isn't the end; each season usually has a reunion special to provide an update before it officially concludes. But will there be a MAFS Season 8 reunion?

According to TV Guide, the finale airs on Apr. 2 and the reunion will follow a week later on Apr. 9. In "Finale Reunion," all of the participants will be back to talk about what happened after filming finished, when they no longer had experts to rely on in tough moments. The story isn't over when the credits roll on decision day. A couple who chooses to stay married after seven weeks together might reconsider once they're on their own. That's the kind of reveal reunions are perfect for, because they let the audience know what everyone has been up to in the interim.

Reunions have also been the site of happier announcements, too. Some couples may be expecting by the time the reunion rolls around, which was what happened with Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman. There might be big news on the horizon, so you're going to want to be watching Lifetime next Tuesday to catch it all.

But before you tune in to the reunion, you'll need to know what happens in the finale. Some outcomes might feel predictable after several weeks of watching these couples grow and change, but divining the trajectories of these relationships isn't that easy. Kristine and Keith had an immediate physical connection and it seemed like he really wanted to keep her in his life. However, Kristine began to worry that she had to do everything in the relationship, which wasn't what she signed up for. They talked about that, but it might not be completely resolved.

All of the couples have specific concerns that may impede married life. Stephanie and AJ were a good match until it became obvious that he had a very short fuse. Stephanie was worried about him being able to handle his frustrations as the years passed, if they stayed together. Luke and Kate started off on the wrong foot and it only went downhill from there; if they did end up together, that would be the real shock. Will and Jasmine haven't quite been able to see eye to eye, either. They had chemistry at their wedding, but their diverging opinions on gender roles have contributed to growing distance between them.

A lot can change in the final hour of MAFS. Some couples may call it quits while others decide to stick it out. But the true test of each relationship will be after the show is over, and only the reunion special can reveal how it all turned out. Seeing each couple again may shed some light on what happened during their respective relationships, now that time has cooled any lingering tension. Fans won't want to miss it.