Don't Worry, 'Minions 2' Is Going To Happen

The release of Despicable Me 3 brought minions back onto screens everywhere, though they have become so ubiquitous it may have felt like they never left. The minions made themselves so marketable after the first Despicable Me that those wordless, bespectacled little yellow creatures even snagged their own major motion picture. But are they going to get the sequel treatment too? Will there be a Minions 2?

Get ready to see minions splashed on everything from yogurt to notebooks all over again, because Minions 2 has been confirmed. But you have some time to wait — or to prepared for the onslaught, depending on how you feel about the minions. The sequel is set to premiere during July 4 weekend in 2020, so it's a few years away. Fans will have to let Despicable Me 3 tide them over until then.

The first Minions movie acted as a prequel to the first Despicable Me, ending with the minions choosing to follow Gru home and make him their new leader. But what will the sequel be about? Will it continue to tell stories about the minions' adventures before the original films in which they appeared, or will it begin after the events of the most recent Despicable Me?

It's difficult to say because there isn't much information about the upcoming film available yet, though the people behind the scenes have discussed what they would like to see in Minions 2. Both producer Chris Meledandri and producer/animator Chris Renaud talked to The Shuttle following the release of the first Minions movie to share some of their ideas for future films.

"We're always talking about different ideas," Renaud said. "What's nice about the world of the Minions and Gru, much like the Marvel universe, is it's a place you can expand. You can always expand and find different characters where you can explore." He and Meledandri went on to explain that they loved to cast against type when it came to any villains; Renaud in particular was interested in seeing Chris Pratt in a villain role, while Meledandri went classic with Robert Redford as a dream choice.

"One of the things we've found about villains is that the nicer the actor, the better they are as a villain," Meledandri said. "Steve Carell and Sandra Bullock love playing villains, but it couldn't be farther from who they are."

It may be hard to predict the direction Minions 2 will take, but it looks like fans should expect the unexpected.