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'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Cast Had A Big Shakeup In Season 9

The Season 9 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo on Jul. 9. It will bring a season of shifting loyalties and changing friendships to a close, as well as mark the departure of O.G. cast member Lisa Vanderpump. But what does the future of the show look like going forward? Will there be a Season 10 of RHOBH?

It doesn't look like Bravo has officially confirmed the next season of the show, but that may be because it's a foregone conclusion. The show has been chugging along merrily for nine seasons and it would be a surprise for the network to cancel it now. Bravo has cancelled shows before, but typically within a season or two (forever, as always, R.I.P. NYC Prep and Long Island Princesses). It'd be unlikely for a show this entrenched in the landscape to suddenly get the ax. Beverly Hills is an important part of the Real Housewives family, and fans have been following these women for years. Bravo doesn't necessarily need to make a renewal announcement because everyone expects the show to continue.

Plus, none of the promotional material or cast tweets about the Season 9 finale refer to it as a series finale. It's simply one season coming to an end — not the entire show.

Kyle Richards seemed confident about a tenth season during a conversation with Newsweek, though she didn't rule out any unexpected possibilities. "Our ratings have been really fantastic so I would assume [we'll be back for Season 10], but you never know in this business," Kyle said. "I am grateful that the viewers are still tuning in after this many years."

She also thought that Lisa's decision to leave the show would be beneficial in the long run. It had already made the dynamics between the women more positive, in her opinion. Kyle explained that "everything that's happened with Lisa" caused the cast to bond and become much closer. That was clear even on their French vacation in Season 9, where they stated several times that they felt more able to open up with one another.

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There have been lots of casting shakeups on shows in the Real Housewives franchise. Longterm cast members have departed and returned, as in the case of Bethenny Frankel on RHONY. Occasionally they've been demoted to the role of Friend Of, like Luann de Lesseps and Camille Grammer (though Luann became a main cast member again). Lisa leaving will alter things on RHOBH, but it's nothing the show won't be able to deal with. In fact, it may open up all kinds of new possibilities.

Unless Bravo makes the shocking decision to end RHOBH after ten seasons, I'd hazard a guess that another season will soon be in the works. It might feel different than seasons that came before it, and there may be a new face or two amongst the cast when it returns. But there's a very good chance that RHOBH will be back. It's been a reliable part of the Bravo lineup for years, and it seems like it might stay that way.