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If You Think Your Relationship With Your Mom Is Weird, TLC Has The Show For You

The old adage "like mother, like daughter" takes on a whole new meaning on TLC's hit show, sMothered. If you haven't seen it, the series follows four mothers and daughters with, shall we say, unconventional bonds. It's inarguably compelling television, and fans want to know if there will be a Season 2 of sMothered, or if the show got the ax. Here's what I know.

Sorry to disappoint, but it doesn't look like TLC has confirmed or denied a second season just yet. The first season (co-produced by The Post) premiered Sunday, June 9 in the 10 p.m. ET slot, alongside the network's other family-focused reality shows (remember Jon & Kate Plus 8?).

The premise of the show is honestly pretty fascinating, focusing on mother daughter duos who are way too close. As in, share the same bathwater too close.

Some clips might make viewers cringe, but that's what makes the show worth watching. As far as a renewal, it's not necessarily a bad thing TLC's making you wait. Some shows aren't picked up for another season until all the final ratings are in. Plus, executives also gauge how fans respond, and trends in the industry. If Season 2 happens, it'll likely film through fall, and air sometime next year, so you'll have to wait awhile for more bizarre interactions.

Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC said in a statement prior to the Season 1 premiere of sMothered, "At TLC, we love showcasing heartwarming families and extreme relationships like viewers have never seen, and our mother/daughter duos in sMothered are unbelievably dynamic." The "unlike viewers have never seen" part is spot on. When I compare the show's duos to the relationship I have with my own mother, they're two different planes of reality (and I'm more than OK with that). The statement continued, "We can't wait to introduce these inseparable, obsessed, loving pairs to our loyal TLC fans as they share some of the most challenging and exciting moments in their lives."

Since you can't celebrate a second season yet, I'll remind you of the mothers and daughters from Season 1. Chicagoans, Cathy and Cristina, live only five houses apart. "I don’t have my husband come with me to buy a couch," Cristina said. "[My mom and I] do all of that together … We’re each other’s husbands." Las Vegas duo, Sunhe and Angelica, are so uncomfortably close, they share a bed and bathwater, claiming it's an "act of trust." Californians, Sandra and Mariah, live together like college roommates, including partying together, while former MTV mom and daughter, Dawn and Cher, don't live together but are on the phone every chance they get, despite Cher having married and becoming pregnant. The show is nothing if not a snapshot of how differently others relate across the country. That's cool and all, but the show makes me that much more grateful for the distance between my mom and me (I like clean, unused bathwater thankyouverymuch).

I wish I had better news, but TLC wants to keep fans on their toes. If Season 1 of sMothered is any indication as to how the show would be I'll bet a second season is in the works. A new set of wacky moms and daughters will probably happen, so take a deep breath, and call your mom.