Fans Checking Out 'The Society' Want To Know What Comes Next

I wasn't sure what The Society first reminded me of, apparently because I never read Lord Of The Flies in high school. The Society is a modern take on the premise of the classic novel, but instead of boys being stranded on an island, a group of teenagers is stranded in their upscale Connecticut town without adults to govern them. I bet you're already wondering — will there be a Season 2 of The Society? It definitely sounds like it might be worthy of one.

It's entirely too early to know the answer to that question because the first season of the show just premiered May 10. It's very rare that any show gets a two-season order from the jump — but The Society creator Christopher Keyser didn't expect that yet. "Netflix decides that based on our viewership. So you never do know.... But we got a one-season order, which is usual. And then we wait, as everyone else does, to see what the audience decides," he told Digital Spy.

The show is about teenagers, and includes some mature themes that parents may or may not decide are appropriate for their own kids. But from the sounds of things, the show's creator wanted to face those themes head on.

Keyser told Digital Spy that the kids on the show are almost 18. But he did make decisions about the plot carefully. "We worried all the time about what our responsibility was in producing content for kids, because television can be a suggestive medium," he said. "First of all, there are kids who are essentially 18-year-olds, and the majority, like the world, are going to face this stuff. It’s an inevitability. Is it better to not do that, or avoid it? Or just to talk about it?"

He chose not to shy away from controversy and mature topics on the show so some themes you should expect from it are: violence, sex, drinking and drug use. But he explained that all of these behaviors sometimes come with consequences, and those are an important part of the plot, too.


The Society may be a fairly serious show — but it is still definitely a teen drama along the lines of Netflix's other successful teen shows like 13 Reasons Why or Sex Education. The plot begins when all the parents suddenly disappear from the small and wealthy Connecticut town of West Ham, leaving the kids to figure out how to live without them. Sure, there's plenty of partying (as one might expect from a group of suddenly liberated 17-year-olds) but soon the adolescents have to figure out how to make their way in the world outside the Ivy League path that had been laid out for them.

So far, reviews of The Society have been largely positive. And while I'm not exactly familiar with The Lord of the Flies who can resist a truly juicy teen drama? Will the jocks remain at the top of the food chain? Will the misunderstood geeks find a chance to shine in this new world? And what about the romance? All these questions are answered in Season 1 but what comes next has yet to be determined.